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I invented medicine to cure HIV/AIDS not vaccine, says Ezeibe

By Gordi Udeajah
05 March 2017   |   3:51 am
Recently, the head of the Department of Veterinary Medicine at the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike (MOUAU) in Abia state, Dr. Recently, the head of the Department of Veterinary Medicine...


Recently, the head of the Department of Veterinary Medicine at the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike (MOUAU) in Abia state, Dr. Maduike Ezeibe, addressed journalists in his office and told them how he invented a Medicine he called MSAMS with the capacity to cure Human Immuno-deficiency Virus (HIV)/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) including how he achieved this glorious feat and what followed after, that certified or confirmed his claims/assertion of success. GORDI UDEAJAH reports.Below are excerpts of the interview.

How long did it take you to find cure for HIV/AIDS?
After about twenty-two years research that started in 1995 with the target to invent Nigerian made anti-retroviral medicine that can, at least, suppress the infection so that people can live their normal lives.
The Chairman of National Health Research Ethics Committee (NHREC) of the Federal Ministry of Health has requested your University to provide details of the clinical trial of the claim for cure of HIV/AIDS. Are you aware of this?

My comment on the statement by NHREC (if it is true) is that it appears that agencies of Federal ministry of Health have left medical review of the invention and are resorting to legal review. I am in medical sciences.

All I am telling Nigeria is that Medicinal synthetic Aluminum-magnesium silicate (Nigerian anti-retroviral medicine), because of small size of components of its molecules reaches HIV anywhere in the body and mops it out by electrostatic attraction between negative charges on their surfaces and the positive charges on HIV.

The medicine being a silicate also causes proliferation of lymphocytes. Synergy between antiviral effects of the medicine and the increased lymphocytes population leads to cure of HIV/AIDS.

Nigeria is thus first country to get 10 people recover from HIV/AIDS. If anybody challenges this claim, I will argue with him/her, but if we choose to talk of ethics, the little I know is that ethics demand that we give HIV/AIDS patients the best treatment available. So, let us verify the claim so that if it is as reported, we treat patients for cure. Otherwise we all would be guilty.

If the NREC has sent the letter to my university, the authorities will respond and all the universities will also look at it to ensure it would not infringe on our mandate to teach and research.

Are you saying for sure you have invented a cure?
With this invention, we have succeeded and also defended it. The invention was taken to scientific journals for peer review because you do not announce inventions over the media. You do so through the journals for scientists to do a review of it. The publications we made were reviewed and accepted worldwide. Through our laboratory tests, we found out that the medicine, Medicinal Synthetic Aluminum-Magnesium Silicate (MSAMS), was able to inhibit the virus. We then sent it to British Journal of Medicine and Medical Research (BJMMR). After its success and confirmation, they published it.

In January 2014, we read from this BJMMR publication that our medicine, which we call the MSAMS, was found to be effective against HIV, in vitro (in the laboratory).

But before then, once we made that publication, I reported myself to the Nigeria Universities Commission (NUC) after which this NUC gave me a mandate to present whatever I thought I had achieved before all Nigerian universities.

Consequently, on August 12, 2014, the NUC organized an online lecture where I lectured all Nigerian universities and told them what I invented and none queried it. This is available in the publication.

How did you certify that the medicine had desired effect on or cured HIV/AIDS patients?
Sequel to that online lecture and other publications, people (HIV/AIDS positives) started coming. So I made a rule knowing people would talk about ethics. Ethics rule implied that when a new medicine is invented, it should first of all be tested on animals and if proved effective, not toxic, then it could be applied on human beings.

We have done extensive tests on animals because that is my own area, I am a veterinarian. We have so many publications, we have tested it on chickens, dogs; it was working and they were safe. We then decided that human beings could take it.

When human beings started coming, our ethics demand that before you give a new medicine to a patient, you have to explain to him or her how the medicine works or will work for him to enable him or her to volunteer. You cannot give it to him by force or secretly.

We went beyond that, knowing that a sick person, not to talk of one suffering from HIV, is ready to take anything. We decided that not the patient, but he/she should go and tell his/her doctor to read what we have published so that if their doctors now believe the medicine can work, he will apply to the Vice Chancellor (VC) of Michael Okpara University if Agriculture, Umudike (MOUAU). A doctor is not desperate because he is not the person that is sick. No doctor will write that application if he is not sure because that will be an insult to him.

So, when the doctors read our articles and applied to MOUAU VC that they want the medicine we invented for their patients, if the VC approved and directs me accordingly, I would give to them. That is what they are doing, even from outside the country.

We have got a report from Jamaica. I am quoting the Jamaican man because he is the only person that succeeded in getting the medicine. South Africans have been applying. But there was the problem of how to send the medicine to them because of the rules, controls – customs, -etc. But the Jamaican man insisted until he got the Jamaican Import permit. We sent the medicine to him, but in Lagos, the thing was intercepted. Jamaican government intervened and the medicine was released and sent to him. He phoned me few days ago. I think he has recovered. He said he wants to know whether he would test negative, I said you would test negative if you have fully recovered, go and do your test.

So more patients started coming and what did you do?
When people started coming for treatment, we now made this publication we entitled “In Vitro (Laboratory) Anti-retroviral Effects of Medicinal Synthetic Aluminum Magnesium Silicate “ because we saw that those treated for four weeks, the viral will reduce, by eight weeks, it will reduce more, by 12 weeks, it will reduce more. It continued reducing until we saw that viral load could come below 50.

Any medicine that causes viral load to reduce below 50 is called Highly Active Anti-retroviral Medicine. So we have Anti-retroviral Medicine, we have Highly Active Anti-retroviral Medicine and, so far, in the whole world, those so-called Anti-Retroviral Medicine are combinations of, at least, three medicines.

When they combine them, they are able to reduce below 50, but this one achieved below 50 alone, not with another combination. So, we published Medicinal Synthetic Aluminum-Magnesium Silicate, The Highly Anti-retroviral Medicine. This encouraged us to say, may be, if we continue this medication, we may come to zero. We continued. We now organised clinical trial.

Any specific or special instance on the cure?
A doctor wrote me from Abuja that he had ten people he will organise. We agreed. We designed experiments. So those 10 patients, comprising three men and seven women, we placed them on medication. The viral loads, during first month, went up, while CD4 count, which should normally be going up, went down. The doctor panicked. I told him not to panic because when we tested effect of the medicine on HIV in the laboratory mean viral titre of plasma samples (specimens we collected from Federal Medical Centre Umuahia) also went up from four to 14, but when the treatment was repeated, it reduced from 14 to 6.5, which is what was published. By the second month, the viral loads started going down, while the CD4 counts started going up.

We continued and in eight months, the three men recovered, they tested HIV negative.

So, the ninth month, two women, out of seven, recovered, tested HIV negative and by the 10th month, all of them tested HIV negative. The viral load came to zero. Now, not only it came to zero, the CD4 count increased from average of 400, but also when we finished the treatment, CD 4 count was 2, 707. Normal CD4 count of a human being, the maximum should be 1, 500.

I was even surprised, I was even confused until one small girl reminded me and said have you forgotten what we call lymphocytes, which means that when there is viral infection in a human being, the body responds by multiplying lymphocytes, just like an army. A country has been invaded, you recruit more soldiers. That is what the body should be doing against any viral infection. But HIV happens to be a special viral infection; it knocks off the army, which instead of increasing, they reduce. So the body has now recovered its ability to multiply lymphocytes so that lymphocytes will now increase from 400 to 2, 707 on the average and they tested HIV negative. This was published in another BJMMR publication.
How many persons have been treated and cured of HIV/AIDS with your invented MSAMS Medicine so far?

Beside organised clinical trials, over 500 Nigerians and foreigners have been treated. An Abuja based couple has had their viral load reduced to 21 and 20. Going by this, in the next month or months, the two will become HIV negative.

What does it cost to get treated with your MSAMS?
All the treatments so far have been free of charge. I have spent over N5 million. I need support to continue because many people are coming daily. To prove the efficacy of MSAMS and to show you that the world has accepted what we are claiming, I received a letter this January from Scientists Research Publishing Company based in the United States, to write a book on this medicine. I have written this book and sent it to them This letter is an agreement which they sent to me, that I am the author of the book and that they will publish and market it and give me some percentage of the proceeds and we are signing this agreement.

What other diseases does MSAMS cure or what are its other uses beside HIV/AIDS?
Let me add that apart from being an anti-retroviral medicine, MSAMS has capacity to make other medicines work better. This is why we are publishing Enhancing the Efficacy of Antimicrobials with the Medicinal Synthetic Aluminum-Magnesium Silicate. In other words, I am saying that Nigeria is wasting time because we have something that can give us plenty money, that can even compete with petroleum because HIV, by God’s grace, will soon disappear.

But other medicines will always remain there; there are thousands and millions of them that need to be potentiated. When we use this medicine to treat chloroquine, it will clear the plasmodium, which causes malaria. We have also used it on Ampicillin and it led to quick recovery of the patients. The anti-retroviral, yes, there is money to make there; there will be more money in using it to potentiate other drugs.

So MSAMS is unique. In what way does it differ from other medicines or vaccines used to treat or cure HIV/AIDS treatment?
Those who think about vaccines for HIV/AIDS may not have understood HIV because I don’t think it is possible to produce vaccines for HIV. Maybe they had to consult Veterinary Doctors – those of us in veterinary medicine. However, we have a disease that works like HIV that affects chickens.

We veterinarians claim we have vaccines, but those vaccines cannot protect for more than one month. What we do is to vaccinate the chicken repeatedly until they are up to 12 weeks old. Beyond the three months, the disease cannot affect the chicken again unlike HIV that can affect a 100-year old person. HIV needs vaccines that can work for life. And because of the stigmatization involved in HIV, it is not proper; it will not even work to see a man going for the vaccination every year.

It is impossible for somebody to develop a vaccine that can protect against HIV for life because why you are sending vaccine is to give signal to lymphocytes to produce protection and this HIV is targeting the lymphocytes. Other viruses target other cells so that the lymphocytes can now be free to protect but this one is targeting lymphocytes, I think what they are doing is academic exercise. They may produce something that will protect somebody for one month, two months, or even for one year, but we should be thinking of cure and I think we have found cure.

What is unique or peculiar about this Virus called HIV?
In HIV, they talk about sanctuary, which means a place of protection. Because of the small size of viruses, they can cross what we call physiological barriers and go to some conserve cells. Remember that what we also call medicine is also toxins. God created these conserved cells so that these toxins cannot get there. But if it is any other virus, that does not affect immune cells, when you treat human beings properly, the immunity will now go there and remove those infections.

But because HIV has knocked off the immunity, when the medicine cannot reach there, nothing reaches there, that is why they are said to be in sanctuary, to be in safety.

But to treat HIV, you need something smaller than HIV that can get there. Smallest HIV is 110 nanometers and that is wonderfully small. But this medicine (MSAMS) we are using is 0.96 nanometers, it is not even up to one nanometer. So you need something smaller and we have something super smaller. If you go and research, silicates are immune stimulants.

Apart from being small, getting to HIV, it also stimulates immunity, and that is why we are saying we have seen practically people’s immunity riding from 400 to 2, 707. So, if you have 2, 707 soldiers in the body parading, where is the hiding place? There is no more sanctuary for HIV because they are searching for it. It cannot hide anywhere because the lymphocytes that were knocked off have recovered.

You are optimistic that the treatment and cure for HIV/ AIDS have been found and by the grace of God through you?
To God be the glory.

Why did you not consider giving the medicine a name that would reflect your as the Inventor, a name like EZEIBE-MSAMS?
Ezeibe-Medicinal synthetic Aluminum-magnesium silicate would mean me taking some glory from the invention. All the glory shall ever be to God. The invention did not come by hard work or intelligence, but by divine providence. Even now that people who should encourage me have chosen to look for loop holes, in order to hang me, He / God will still see me through. You will be my witness of His power to deliver those who trust in Him.

What should now follow your Invention?
I pray that Nigeria patents this medicine globally. I have been given the patent right in Nigeria; I have the sole right to produce this medicine in Nigeria. But this cannot apply outside Nigeria, the law cannot protect me outside Nigeria and I don’t have the capacity to pursue it outside Nigeria.

This is why I should want the government to take it over and patent it internationally so that it becomes a national resource because what we are using to produce the MSAMS are available locally in the country, it is even in Abia state here. What we did was that we reacted locally available raw materials here in Abia to get what we got – Aluminum Magnesium Silicate, which we don’t have in Nigeria. So, all these things are natural resources that we can exploit to create wealth for the country and, of course, create a name.