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Nigeria at 57: ‘Government should give priority to public schools’ 


<br />We need to improve on our educational and security system. Nigeria is destined to be a great nation, given its natural and human resources. We can all join our hands to make this a reality in our lifetim

The cost of living in Nigeria has skyrocketed in recent times, despite its enormous economic prospects. The cost of textbooks, food items and epileptic power supply worry me. As students, I think we would perform better when well fed.

Sadly, our parents hardly provide good meals these days due to its high cost.

I want government to ensure that the common man feels the impact that the nation is out of recession. Also, government should provide steady power supply, so that we can read our books. Our school facilities are in pitiful condition and no road to my school. Government should please urgently attend to these problems and I believe the country will be great.
Gabriel Nwane, Community Secondary School, Rumuekini.


‘Govt Should Ensure Safety of Life And Property’ 
I believe Nigeria is a great country and everyone should join hands to make this a reality. We want government to address the issue of kidnapping and criminalities across the country, especially, in Rivers State. It is quite discouraging. Life is sacred and we must do everything possible to protect the sanctity of it. Government needs to ensure protection of life and property of all Nigerians.
Priscilla, Rumuekini Community School, Obio-Akpor, Rivers State.

‘Teachers Should Be Well Paid’
Nigeria is a developing country; so all hands should be on deck to harness its potentials to speedily attain greatness. We need to improve our educational sector. Teachers should be well paid.

We need to be more united as a people. If we have decided to practise a Federal system of government, then we must adhere to its tenets. We should do everything possible to tackles issues that tend to divide the country. There is a common cliché that says, “United we stand, divided we fall.” Through we are a diverse country with different traditions and customs, we can benefit a lot by remaining one united country.
Praise Ononwu, Govt. Girls Secondary School, Orominieke, Port Harcourt.

‘I Want To See A Peaceful, United Nigeria’
Nigeria is a good nation. We should use the 57th independent anniversary to preach peace. God created us all in His own image, which means we are all brothers and sisters. Irrespective of our various ethnic nationalities, we are all one Nigeria and will remain one forever.
Security situation in Nigeria is not really bad, but we need to improve on it. Government is trying to uphold the standard of education through provision of books. I want to see a peaceful and united Nigeria.
Chidera Ebong, Community Secondary School, Orogbum, D/Line, Port Harcourt.

‘Nigerians Should Come Together To Get Things Right’
At 57, Nigeria is facing numerous challenges. I think this should make us, as a people, come together to get things right. We should try and establish in our nation the principle of equity, fairness and justice to out a stop to agitation for Biafra and all that. We should follow in the footsteps of the found fathers of Nigeria.

We need to improve on our educational and security system. Nigeria is destined to be a great nation, given its natural and human resources. We can all join our hands to make this a reality in our lifetime.
Ikwuozo Chizoba, Community Secondary School, Orogbum, D/Line, Port Harcourt.


‘Private Schools Should Be Banned’
At 57, I think Nigeria should make effort to be among the developed nations of the world. Regardless of what people might think, the educational system here is standard, especially in public schools. But government should do more to improve the quality of education. Global economy is driven by the knowledge industry, and we should avail ourselves all that this critical sector has to offer.

So, government should provide our schools with modern laboratories and equipment. Government should also pay teachers living income. Most of our teachers are really committed to their duties and they need to be encouraged. There is a need to close down private schools.
The issue of security is a major challenge across the nation. Efforts should put in place to tackle this. The police should be well paid to discourage extortion on the roads.
Sonia Sorojah Samuel, Govt Girls Secondary School, Orominieke, Port Harcourt.

‘Nigerians Should Come Together To Move Country Forward’
Because Nigeria has been poorly managed over the years, its economy is in a bad state now. People are complaining that the cost of living is high. I am worried about the state of security in the country.

I must commend government’s efforts to improve education in public schools, but there is need for improvement. We want them to stock our library with more books.

All Nigerians should come together to move the country forward. It would help, if all of us would take some responsibility to move the country forward.
Victory Solomon, Govt Girls Secondary School, Orominieke, Port Harcourt

‘Govt Should Bring Down Prices Of Food, Others Items’
The economy is very bad, in terms of education, food and financial issues. Government needs to help and bring down prices of food and other items, because the masses are really complaining. I feel if government can try and unite Nigerians in love and peace, the country will be better. Nigeria belongs to all of us

The best legacy government can give children is education. If a child is well educated, he/she will be confident and creative to make meaning out of life. So, government should provide good schools, and try as much as possible to see that all Nigerian children are educated.
Honour Ukeghe, Govt Secondary School, Jabi, Abuja.

‘The President Has A Lot To Do’
The nation is not in a good shape, and I feel the president has a lot to do. Yearly, students graduate from the University and there are no jobs, which results in crime all over the nation.


The government should create jobs, as well as forums to enable youths empower themselves with or without white-collar jobs to reduce crime rate in the nation. Govt needs to also reduce prices of items.

Government should also help provide our schools with modern and latest equipment and laboratories, as well as employ good teachers and pay their salaries regularly.
Patience Timothy, Govt Senior Secondary School, Wuse Zone 2, Abuja.

‘Job Opportunities Should Be Created For Youths’
The nation is not improving much, and there is corruption everywhere. Citizens are just fighting for their own benefit and not that of the nation, leaving the poor to suffer.

The way forward is by making education free, so that children of the poor can also go to school, as well as creating job opportunities for the youth.
Benjamin Japheth, Government Secondary School, Wuse, Zone 2, Abuja.

‘Govt Should Continue To Reduce Prices Of Things’
Government said there is no more recession. Prices of things have gone down and people are now enjoying many things. Government should continue reducing prices of things and also pay teachers regularly.

Government should reduce strikes in the country and also ensure that school fees are affordable so that poor parents can send their children to school.
Sharon Oputa, Unique Standard Bearer Montessori School, Abuja.

‘Govt Should Continue To Fight Boko Haram’
I feel bad because of Boko Haram people. They are bad people, just killing innocent Nigerians. Government should continue to fight Boko Haram, until they are conquered.

Government should pay teachers regularly, so that they won’t go on strike. Government should also put more money so that people will be able to earn good living and buy things they need.
Obi Celestine Tawo, Unique Standard Bearer Montessori School, Abuja.

‘So Many Bad People Engaging In Bad Things’
I feel so bad about the country, there are many bad people engaging in corruption and other bad things. I am not happy about it, because if this continues, Nigerian children won’t have a future. I am not happy that our leaders do not care about our lives.


To make the country go forward, I think bad leaders should be removed so that good leaders are allowed to rule and make the country a better place.

The government should provide more books for schools, and also provide enough teachers. Government should provide and should provide good hospitals for us.
Jennifer Vincent, LEA Primary School, Pana, Abuja

‘There Should Be Conducive Environment For Learning’
We thank the Lord because government said we are now out of recession. I believe government’s fight against corruption is for the good of the country and very soon we will all smile.

The president should put more efforts into making the economy better, so that the country can move forward and lives of the citizens will also get better.

All Nigerian children should be well educated, because we are the future. Government should also create a safe and conducive environment for us to learn.
Rebecca Ezekiel, Junior Secondary School, Wuse Zone 3, Abuja.

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