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Nigeria@57: ‘We need good governance’


Nigerian School Children

I think many Nigerian children feel sad by the current state of the nation. A situation where there is no constant electricity, potable water, good roads and hospitals can only make us sad. We are saddened by the news we hear everyday, where billions of Naira are said to have been stolen by government officials. We are saddened by the huge volume of refuse that is taking over Lagos and other parts of the country.

In my opinion, the way forward is for the electorate to be wise and elect the right people to govern us in future. The problems noted above are as a result of corruption in the system and corrupt leaders in general. We need to fight and if possible, eradicate corruption and then change will begin to occur.

Government should build more schools and renovate older ones and even provide books and scholarship to students. Government needs to fix electricity urgently. With constant electricity, people will create employment, such as welding, barbing, baking and so on. This in turn will reduce crime rate and give people a better feeling of security in the country.
Uwemedimo Ukoetuk Rightville School, Alaka Estate, Surulere, Lagos.


‘We Need Good Education, Love From Our Parents And Govt To Become Responsible Adults’
Some of the problems in Nigeria include bad economy, insecurity, poverty, corruption, injustice and unemployment. In my opinion, if government would take care of these issues through job creation, fixing the economy and making every Nigerian feel at home in any part of the country, Nigeria would be a better place for all.

For Nigerian children, what we need is good education, food and love from our parents and everybody in the country, so that we can grow up to become strong, educated and responsible adults. Our parents and government should see to this and do the right thing in this regard.
Anthony-Kalu Adaeze Rightville School, Alaka Estate, Surulere, Lagos.

‘More Jobs Will Bring More Income For The Country’
The state of the nation is very poor. We have bad infrastructure and the roads are bad. Power supply is also a problem, just like water, which is always in short supply. Many Nigerians don’t have access to clean, potable water. The healthcare sector is not good enough, as all good hospitals are too expensive for poor Nigerians. Most youths are unemployed. If more jobs are created, the country will get more income.

If all these problems are addressed, Nigeria will be a better place, making our future great!
Amarachi Nwokeocha, Ocean Crest School, Lekki.

‘Govt Should Set Up Skill Acquisition Centres To Empower Youths’
For our country to be great, all citizens should be treated fairly. Government should provide good infrastructure and tourist centres, so that tourists can be attracted, bringing more income. Nigeria can actually be the best in Africa, if the leaders and citizens all get more serious.

Government officials should stop stealing the country’s money, but use it to improve the nation and the people’s lives. There should be free medical check-up for the less privileged.

Government should set up skill acquisition centres across the country to empower youths.
Ameerah Oladejo, Ocean Crest School, Lekki.

‘People In Government Shouldn’t Be Greedy’
Nigeria is lagging behind other developed countries in the area of governance. The issue of corruption has become very serious, as money meant for the development of the country is diverted to individual pockets. A country at the age of 57 shouldn’t be undergoing the problems Nigeria is facing today, because a 57-year-old can be a grandfather/mother.


I want government to improve the education sector. People in government shouldn’t be greedy. Our money should be used to develop the country to make people’s lives better. Every time we hear that the president is working to stop corruption, but I have not seen the difference. He is doing his best, but the best is not good enough to develop the country.
Dolores Okereke, The Light Of Joy Ultimate College, Abule-Egba, Lagos.

‘Education Should Be Free’
President Muhammadu Buhari is really trying to move the country forward, but some people in government are making it hard for him to achieve that. The education sector has been negatively affected. Security is also another problem, as the issue of kidnapping; robbery and unrest threatens our existence.

I want the Federal Government to make the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) go after all corrupt leaders and recover all the money stolen.

Free education should be introduced like in the past to enable indigent children have access to education. Government should train and retrain our security personnel, especially the police to keep our society safe, so that we children would no longer be kidnapped.
Teslim Makinde, The Light Of Joy Ultimate College, Abule-Egba, Lagos State.

‘Our Hospitals Need To Be Equipped To Save Lives’
The state of the nation at 57 is disappointing. Politically, the country hasn’t improved at all. The president and political leaders need to put in more effort to find solutions to all these problems. If our leaders were transparent and honest, corruption would not have been this bad in the country.

Government needs to improve in the area of security, as well as equip our hospitals to address the issue of people dying on daily basis, as a result of poor medical facilities.
Mercy Iyere, The Light Of Joy Nursery And Primary School, Abule-Egba, Lagos State.

‘Youths Should Be Allowed To Govern Country’
At 57, there is still so much poverty, insecurity, unemployment and other social ills in the country. For our country to develop, government and everyone must obey the rule of law, be honest and love one another.

As children, we hope the insecurity problem would be dealt with quickly. Quality education and job opportunities should be provided for youths. Prices of things should be reduced.

Youths should be allowed into government. Good, intelligent people should be allowed to rule the country. Nigerians should patronise our products. The Federal Government should provide free education to all children.
Abimbola Eroyiomo, Chrismeon International College, Ekoro, Abule-Egba, Lagos State.


‘Future Of The Country Is Bright’
Despite the abundance of human and natural resources, Nigeria still remains undeveloped in all areas. In the aspect of education, most schools and institutions in Nigeria are in bad condition. The teaching environment is not conducive and there is lack of standard and facilities, which makes our education standard to lag behind. Something should be done about this.

I believe there is a brighter future for the country and I see a Nigeria, where our educational system competes favourably with those of developed countries.
Feyikemi Olatunde, Chrismeon International College, Ekoro, Abule Egba, Lagos.

‘Leaders Should Work Towards Country’s Greatness’
The nation’s condition over the years has been getting worse, and it is like there is no solution in sight.

Security has become a thing of concern; children are being kidnapped everyday. I heard that big people in society are mostly sponsoring robbery, terrorism and other social ills.

This nation’s resources are enough to go round everyone, but our leaders are not doing the right thing in this regard. This has damaged our image in the world.

I believe we can still have a better country, if Nigerians should become more honest, with visionary leaders, who want the best for the country and work towards its greatness.
Jesutofunmi Ajeyemi, Sito God’s Time College, Abule Egba, Lagos State.

‘Let School Feeding Programme Go Round’
Government needs to provide enabling environment for businesses to grow, so that our parents can have means of livelihood and be able to give us necessary care. Government should also equip the police and other security agencies to make the country save for children and everyone without the fear of being molested, kidnapped or robbed

Also, the school feeding programme should go round and not be limited to a group of school children, because we all belong to Nigeria.
Joshua Omiko, Molan High School, Ikotun, Lagos.

‘Govt Should Think Of Citizens’ Welfare’
Poverty, injustice and unemployment are causing so much frustrations and problems in our country. Our leaders should, therefore, make serious effort to address these problems.

If government works hard to see to the welfare of the citizens, by creating job opportunities for unemployed youths and taking care of everyone, crime and tension will be reduced.
Daniel Oyedipe, Sito God’s Time College, Abule Egba, Lagos State.

‘Govt Should Ensure Children’s Safety’
Everyday, we hear of all kinds of problems in the country. There is child trafficking, kidnapping, raping, suicide bombing, strike, robbery and fraud, among others. All these create fear in our minds as children. Let government think of children and take steps to protect us. Security is a serious problem that government should solve quickly.
Alasepe Jenti, Nawair-Ud-Deen Grammar School, Solu-Ifo, Ogun State.


‘Roads Should Be Repaired And New Ones Built’
Whenever I travel with my parents, we see a lot of road accidents. Some die, while some are injured. We have been told that the bad roads are one of the causes of road accidents. So, I want government to repair the bad roads and to construct new ones. It is unfortunate that children are also victims of road accidents. This is why it is very important for government to do things that will save the lives of children.
Badmus Quwiu, Nawar-Ud-Deen Grammar School, Solu-Ifo, Ogun State.

‘Kidnappers Should Be Jailed For Life’
The Federal Government should ensure that there is heavy punishment or death sentence for any kidnapper caught. Government should also ensure that Nigeria is united. If possible, government should consider restructuring to maintain unity among all ethnic groups.
Ahmed Abdulrasheed, Greenlands Academy Onikolobo Abeokuta, Ogun State.

‘Government Should Re-dedicate Itself To Good Policies’
Nigeria is faced with economic issues and inconsistent policies, giving rise to unemployment, poverty, poor healthcare delivery and corruption. I want government to re-dedicate itself to good policies to bring positive change to our country, as well as tackle corruption in all areas of our society.
Oladigbolu Taiwo, Okepata Community High School, Ososun-Ifo, Ogun State.

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