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COVID-19 cannot de-value entertainment, says Jaysplash20



While the Covid-19 pandemic may have caused unprecedented disruption to the entertainment world globally, it is cannot, however, diminish the value and importance of entertainment to the human life, claimed Judith Chinenye Edega, CEO, Jay & S Off-Site Ventures.

According to Edega, popularly known as Jaysplash20: “The spice entertainment adds to our daily lives can’t be overemphasized; it adds flavour to the human existence they may otherwise be distasteful. Entertainment helps us push through our daily grind offering both momentary and lasting escape from unfavourable happenings. Otherwise life becomes very dull and boring.”

This realisation, she avowed, hardens her resolve to “put smiles on people’s faces when they encounter contents from the stable of my entertainment as they go through this dangerous and depressive moment in human history.”

She lamented the havoc wreaked by Covid-19, saying: “It’s so sad that the entire world wasn’t prepared for an enemy that hits so hard as this. Entertainment is one of the industries that was grossly impacted by this virus. Clubs are no longer opening, likewise karaoke lounges, cinemas, and event halls. All shut, for the duration of the total lockdown. Actors and actresses couldn’t go to locations to shoot, various artists concerts has to be put on hold after so much has been spent, and there are no ceremonies for MCs, VJs, comperes and red carpet-hosts to anchor. What can event planners organize when the audience are locked up in their homes? Revenues have been lost to this whole menace.”


She blamed the deplorable state of Nigeria’s economy for the dwindling fortune of the entertainment industry, noting the absence of good support from the government.

Jaysplash20 spoke further of her plans for the year 2020: “Expansion, diversifying, taking the industry by storm, those were my big plans for 2020 but the emergence of the deadly coronavirus has forced me to put some of my plans on hold. Now, we have to play it by the ear, observe how events unfolds and try to be familiar with the new realities emerging. I’ll say you should watch this space as me and my team will hit the world by surprise.”

The 28-year-old serial entrepreneur who regarded entertainment moguls Ubi Franklin (MD/CEO, Made Men Music and Management Limited), Mo Abudu (CEO, EbonyLife) and Audu Maikori (Founder, Chocolate City Group), as her role models, further shared the secret of how she has been surviving the depression.

“As to how I’m coping, diversity, plus the grace of God is what has been keeping me going. The world has gone digital over the years, so the proceeds from the digital space is really going a long way to keep us in business; besides, entertainment business is not the only thing I do.”

Asked of her motivation to venture into entertainment, she responded thus: “Whilst it is important to state that money is my motivation, I daresay, too, that the return-on-investment on entertainment business is also inspiring.”


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