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COVID-19: The need to erect hand washbasin, soap dispenser at your doorstep


If you have ever pondered on the saying “prevention is better than cure”, well, it’s time to hit pause on the pondering, and act on the phrase, because Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic gives you little or no time to think, as the slightest carelessness may be detrimental to your home and family members.

Hence, the need to place a safety precaution in your home by mounting a handwash basin tap right at your entrance doorstep, just before each family member, friends and visitors walk through the door. Why? Because the hands touches a number of surfaces and things and can pick up the virus. Of course, you need a sanitising soap dispenser for thorough hand wash.

What kind of hand washbasin do you need?
While the ideology behind erecting a hand wash-basin at your doorstep may not be a regular kind of exterior but more of an emergency preventive measure to keep your home safe, still, it is important to get quality washbasin designs that makes clear luxurious statement to avoid altering your space.


Here are the best hand wash-basins to erect at your doorstep.

. Wall-mounted ceramic basins
This type of basin is the most common and comes in different colours, shapes and sizes. It is the regular kind and quite affordable. So considering the urgency of the situation, you may consider going for it. Wall-mounted basins are easy to install and do not require a separate table or counter to hold them in place since they are attached directly to the walls. All you need to do is have the installer to do the installation at a suitable spot that would not obstruct your door or traffic flow.

. Table-Mounted Ceramic Basins
This type of basin creates a luxurious fitting that would add aesthetics to your exterior. Also quite common and comes in different colours, shapes and sizes. The installation is also quite simple: just put enough counter sturdy to mount the washbasin and place the basin on top. The counters for the kind of basin can be made of wood, metal, glass, marble or granite.

. Countertop basin
A countertop basin is mounted directly on a level surface. It looks almost like a large dish or bowl, offering a stylish alternative to regular basins. It comes in different designs, shapes and sizes. Countertop basins do not connect to the wall at the back.

. Stone pedestal basins
The stone pedestal washbasin depicts elegance and simplicity. It is a freestanding kind of basin and do not need to be mounted on a wall or placed on top of a table. It is made from large blocks of marble or onyx stone. However, it is usually more expensive. So for those who want to make clear luxury statement even in the face of COVID-19, the stone pedestal washbasin may be your best choice.


Place a sanitising antibacterial soap on your washbasin
After erecting your wash-basin at your doorstep with a durable faucet, do not forget to put an antibacterial hand wash soap on your basin for thoroughness and proper sanitising.
Why do you need one? Because soap breaks bacteria apart and the water washes it off.

Ignorance is never an excuse, but just in case you’re oblivious of how to keep your home safe from the COVID-19 pandemic that is now causing sleepless nights for the high and mighty globally, here are a number of safety tips to keep the virus at bay:

. Wash your hands with soap and water, sanitiser or alcohol-based hand run frequently.
. Practice respiratory hygiene by covering your nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing with tissue or fixed elbow.
. Avoid close contact with anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms.
. Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
. Do not self medicate if you have fever, malaria or any form of health breakdown, seek medical care immediately.


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