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Create space to keep children busy through COVID-19 school lockdown

By Maria Diamond
28 March 2020   |   3:02 am
The reality of Coronavirus pandemic dawned on Nigerians the moment the Lagos State Government ordered that all schools should be closed

The reality of Coronavirus pandemic dawned on Nigerians the moment the Lagos State Government ordered that all schools should be closed. However, for children, ‘no school’ under whatever circumstance implies holiday, which in their language also means playtime.

Well, every parent knows how easily children get bored from doing nothing, which is why they should create a fully-equipped utility space to keep them busy through the compulsory break.

What is a children utility space? It is a functional space created within a house, either in the interior or exterior, where all needed children equipment for playing, fun activities, studying, entertainment and relaxation are kept for practical use.

Why Such Space Now?
Because the children would be spending a lot more time indoors, unlike the usual holidays when they go out to have fun, parents are expected to bring all the fun home through creativity to avoid boredom or even depression.

• Create a workable active playground, either in a spacious room or in an open space.

• Pay more attention to fundamental movement skills, as research has shown that children who develop fundamental skills, such as kicking, skipping, hopping, jumping, running, throwing, etc, tend to be more active as they grow into adulthood.

• The fundamental movement’s activities would keep them happy and healthy, whilst channelling their energy on the positivity that helps them look on the brighter side of life, irrespective the compulsory break that also compels them to stay indoors.

How To Equip Children Utility Space

Some parents might decide to stock up space with anything and everything, while others who claim to know their children would stock only items they assume the children need.

But here is the shocker: You would be surprised how irrelevant or junk most of the items you get could turn out, especially for children from ages five and above. So, it is advisable that you do not assume you know what they need, but rather sit them down and ask them about their favourite things.

Pimping The Children Utility Space
• If you are using a space in your interior, paint the wall with attractive colour, preferably their favourite colour, but avoid clumsiness in the attempt to use multi-colours.

• Erect a sectional shelve where they can keep some of the items they are not using immediately for serenity.

• Ensure to place a fully covered rug on the floor, as it is children friendly and safer. For the exterior, get the grass-rug to suit the ambience.

• Ensure the utility space has a restroom within, and if space is in the exterior, ensure the restroom is nearby- a few seconds walk.

How To Keep Your Children Safe

• Provide first aid box in case of an accident.

• Provide a sanitiser for optimum hygiene.

• Do not leave them to their dealings; check on them every now and then. As a matter of fact, you should get involved a couple of times in their fun activities just to ensure they are not straying.