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Creating a library section in your limited space


The extent of what can be done with limited space has always been a bone of contention for homemakers and designers, and so, creating a separate study room becomes too much luxury, one that is unaffordable for many.

Moreso, because Internet reading and studying have predominantly become the order of the day, a number of people tend to have limited need for bulky books, such that an entire room for library becomes a waste of space. So what is obtainable is creating a section in your living room or hallway as library, for the classic passion of reading on hardcopies.

Library in the modern home works well in the living room, because you spend more time there when you’re home. However, that implies incorporating the furniture shelves to suit the décor and designs of your living room so as to avoid having a disconnected section on account of the library.


Go for modular shelves
Ready-to-use modular shelves are readily available in the market. You can choose a series of modules depending on the amount of books you have. Try and use the lower portions for heavy books and the upper portions for small books if you want to ensure long lasting of the modules. Of course, there is a strong need to ensure that the space is not too crowded.
Mount your shelf at unused section of the living room

Erect your shelve to the more functional sections of the house that are often unused. You can modify the region and make it the perfect choice for a small library. The idea is to make the section as simple and effective as possible. Also, if the place around the fireplace permits, you can check space for a library there too.
Create coverage if desired

You can create a coverage using blending cottons or blinds to cover the section.
However, if your living room space is too small you can create hacks around your bedroom to squeeze in more books.

Hallway library
The hallway library should be done with optimum creativity and simplicity, as you don’t want to crowd your hallway with massive shelves that leaves you with little or no passage space. It is also important to ensure that the colour of the shelve blends with your wall especially if you want to place the shelves on both sides of the wall.

Keep your library organised and serene
The best way to keep the library organised is to go the traditional way by arranging your books alphabetically.
. Keep the voluminous books at the base and the lighter ones at the top.
. Ensure to have the title of your books reflecting from the outside such that anyone can view from afar.
. Cultivate the habit of returning each book to the right position after reading.

Saving your library from pests
Pests, such as insects, rats and mice can cause enormous damage to library materials. These pests pose a serious threat to your book collection, so it is important to control them through the following:
. Keep the library section highly ventilated and very clean as humidity, poor air circulation and poor housekeeping damage both the shelf and books. These also pose as gateway to pests.
. Don’t take food and drinks to the library.

However, if you notice pest damages in your library collection, a careful survey should be conducted using sticky traps to see what types of pest are living in the affected area. You don’t want to use toxic chemicals on your collections. Prevention and thorough housekeeping will save your collection from the intrusion of pests.


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