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Curtains: The heartbeat of your home ambience


For any interior space, the curtains are the quiet but most important complement to the decoration of your space, they are extraordinarily decorative and add enormous character to the living room, bedroom, dinning, or even the kitchen; it is the heartbeat of your home ambience.

Wondering why the curtains when you can have exotic furniture and others to make your space a dream home? Well then, let’s get practical, get everything you need, all the interior decors you can afford for your home, put them in place and exclude the curtains. You would come to discover that, the exotically decorated space couldn’t be called a home without the curtains; it is as good as an open space.

However, unlike the other interior décors, curtains being a lot more than just an interior décor can solely turn a space to a home even without the furniture, whereas the furniture would not give you the ambience of a home without the curtain.

So while shopping for home décor on a scale of preference, the first thing you want to purchase are your curtains because the kind of curtains you purchase will be the determining factor of other interior decors such as furniture and others, bringing us to the importance of going for quality but simple complementing curtains for your home so as to achieve the soothing ambience you crave when you step into any part of your home, be it the living room, bedroom(s), dining or kitchen

Choosing the curtain design for your living room
. When choosing the curtain design for the living room, it is very important to first consider the colour of your wall-paint.

. Ensure that the colour of your curtains does not blend with your wall, rather choose a complementary colour such that would create effective neutral hues. If the colour of your wall is a primary colour, ensure the colour of your curtain is a complementary secondary colour to have either a cool-colour-wall and warm-colour-curtains or vice-versa in order to have a simultaneous contrast ambience of natural illusion when the curtains are fixed and placed next to the wall for both colours to appear brighter and grab viewer’s attention.

. Once the colour is decided and settled, choose a less complex but quality curtain. Quality curtains are far from the light-texture curtains that get easily blown up by any form of air. Good quality curtains are firm and durable with or without curtain lining.

. The last criterion would be your curtain rod or pole; it is import to choose a rod that brings out the aesthetics of your curtain, such that when you part the curtains side ways, the rod or pole radiates the attempt.

Your Bedroom
Choosing the curtains for your bedroom is as technical as the living room’s because contrary to popular believe, the bedroom is basically the most important part of your home and your bedroom is the exact definition of who you really are, hence the need to ensure the curtains which is the major décor complements your bed spread, pillows and duvet.

It is advisable to choose quality curtains with two or more colours so that as you inter change your pillow covers, bedspread and duvet; you can have complementing colour options.

Dining Room
This is peculiar for those who have a separate dining room from the living room. It is an eating room and at such complex techniques might not be required when choosing curtain-colour. But ensure to choose a curtain colour bright enough for illumination, as that section of the home needs as much brightness as possible.


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