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Dabby Chimere: I am optimistic about producing more cinema movies

By Guardian Nigeria
29 January 2022   |   2:47 am
Dabby Chimere is a prolific filmmaker and founder of Dabz Movie Productions. She has produced over 50 movies to her credit. Though she started out as an actress at age 16, before other necessary distractions such as schooling, marriage...

Dabby Chimere

Dabby Chimere is a prolific filmmaker and founder of Dabz Movie Productions. She has produced over 50 movies to her credit. Though she started out as an actress at age 16, before other necessary distractions such as schooling, marriage and child bearing and family life temporarily stalled her progression in the industry. However, her passion overruled her challenges and she opted to go fully into movie production, which she began in 2011. Now, Chimere has produced her first cinema movie titled, Head Over Bills, which is set for release in cinemas from February 4, 2022. Some of the productions to her credit include, Atarodo, Exhausted, Apartment 24, Flaws, Boomerang and The Silence. In this chat with IJEOMA THOMAS-ODIA, she shares her journey into Nollywood and her up coming cinema debut.

How has your journey been in the Nigerian film industry?
I started producing in 2011 and became a director in 2015. Although I started out as an actress at age 16, but along the line, I had to go to school, get married and I began having children. However, I still wanted to be in the industry, and so I decided to go into movie production.

How many movies have you produced so far?
Personally, original Dabz movies are about 40. When you count commissioned projects, we should be looking at over 50 works.

At what point did you decide to take a shot at cinema production
I have always wanted to do a cinema film. Cinema film is not like your normal average movie, it requires a lot of technicality, time, high budgeting and the likes. So, if you really want to do it, you do it well. I wanted to do it well, so I took my time. I have been thinking about it for over three years. I have been planning, bringing funds together but it finally happened this year.

What inspired your cinema production, ‘Head Over Bills’?
It is a compelling and intriguing story, full of love, drama and family values. I just wanted to tell an authentic story people would relate with and also enjoy. But most importantly, I wanted to applaud and highlight the strength and courage of women all over the globe and I hope that when they see this film they will feel encouraged and believe they are capable of anything, just like the character Mrs. Ofili Elizabeth played by Shaffy Bello.

Against 2022, what should viewers expect from your brand?
This year, viewers should expect high quality content from Dabz movie production and creative story telling from Dabby Chimere. We are already working on our political series and details will be announced shortly. We are also working on a wider reach for our audience as we look forward to having our content on big platforms such as Netflix, Amazon and the likes this year.

What was the experience like in this new movie?
The experience on this job was something I can’t really find the right words to qualify, but let’s just say it was something I have never experienced before. It was a whole new feel and it took me on a roller coaster of emotions. I was extremely excited because it was a dream come true but at the same time it came with a lot of exposure to new challenges financially, physically and mentally. I wanted it so bad that when I could finally have it, I didn’t hold back. I gave it my all, I did my very best and I believe the world will see it and appreciate it.

Though expensive, will you be producing more cinema movies?
I am quite optimistic about producing more cinema movies. I believe we will make good returns from Head Over Bills in good time, go back and return with more blockbusters.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your movie?
Honestly I will say eight, but that’s because I know we are not perfect. It is our first, so we believe we are still in the mastering process. But who knows, you may even rate us higher after seeing it.

What inspired the title Head Over Bills?
Funny enough, the title was suggested by the writer. I told the story but I had a writer, so I knew what I had in mind wasn’t good enough so I asked for his suggestion, he came up with a couple of names and amongst them was Head Over Bills. So right then I said that was it. I liked the sound of it and when I asked for the meaning he simply said, well people fall head over hills in love but in this case, it is on bills because it’s a billionaire’s story.

Who have you not featured that you hope to feature in your movies?
I would really love to work with Nse-Ikpe Etim. I have something in the works that hopefully we can bring her on board to participate.

Would you wish to feature Hollywood actors in your films?
Who doesn’t want to feature Hollywood actor? For one, I would like Lupita Nyongo and Taraji P. Henson. I believe the future is bright.