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Deliverance from dream attacks

By John Okene
14 November 2021   |   2:19 am
God’s desire and plan for man is that after the day’s laborious activities, he should find sweet sleep in the comfort of his bed at night (Ecc. 5:12).

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God’s desire and plan for man is that after the day’s laborious activities, he should find sweet sleep in the comfort of his bed at night (Ecc. 5:12). The case of Job from our Bible text tells us that what was meant to give ease from the toils and troubles of the day has become another battlefield for man. Today, a lot of people are so scared of sleep because of dream attacks and nightmares. A dream is a mental picture of your future or past being played to you while asleep.

There are certain facts you need to know about dreams, and the first of them is that they are spiritual gateways through which God and even the devil can access man. For those not spiritually matured enough to receive open vision, God speaks to them by dreams, while the devil also uses dreams to manipulate the life of a man. The second fact is that dreams are an indication of your spiritual state. You cannot claim to be spiritually matured and yet always dream of eating, flying, having sex and so on. The more spiritually matured you get, the more godly dreams you receive. The last time I ever had such dreams of being pursued with a coffin was over 30 years ago. When I got understanding and prayed against it, I was compensated with angelic visitation in another dream. “May every dream being used to terrify you expire in Jesus’ name.”

The third fact is that the devil uses dreams to sow tares in the life of men while they are asleep. The sleep here could be physical or a spiritual state of inactivity. Mtt. 13:25 says, “While men slept, the enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way.” Man is the farmland here, while the tare is anything that can truncate his destiny. Some years ago, a lady had a fight in the dream with someone who struck her on the breast and two weeks after, she felt unusual pains on that breast. All prognosis and medical diagnosis indicated that she had cancer and the breast was removed. About six months later, she had a dream again that someone sucked the other breast and when she woke up; it was the same symptoms as the first. That was when someone directed her to our ministry for prayers and by the grace of God, she was totally healed and delivered and her second breast was preserved. “I decree to you by the word of God in Nahum 1:9, God will make an utter end of all afflictions in your life and whatever has been taken from you by the enemies shall be restored in seven folds in Jesus’ name.”

It is important to understand why the enemies attack men through the dream. The first of them is to manipulate his life. This is done when you see yourself working and labouring endlessly for someone in the dream. This is forced labour and it is high-level manipulation. The second purpose is to initiate you when you eat in the dream. The third purpose is to poison you and again truncate your destiny. Another one is to put a person into bondage or captivity. It is also to stop you from moving forward in life. Sometimes, it is done to cover your light from shining, especially when they have seen that there is nothing they can do physically against.
Rev. John Okene, Divine Touch Int’l Ministries, Warri, Delta State.
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