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Dinner with the devil – Part 2


(Continued from last week)

He was planning to kill himself that very day when a sympathiser, who was a friend, Ayinde, came calling that morning and advised him about the way out.

Ayinde told him about a certain herbalist and medicine man, who could give him a powerful juju ring, called, Aluwo, which was so strong and potent that if he used it on his wicked wife, he would beat her mercilessly and she would be so weak to raise a finger.

They set forth on the journey to Ikorodu on the outskirts of Lagos to meet this great medicine man. On getting there, the elderly herbalist gave Ajadi the potent juju ring and told him how to use it.


Ajadi heaved a sigh of relief after parting with some money for the medicine. They left the herbalist’s shrine very late. So, that very day, Ajadi came home late in the night. Sukura was boiling with rage as she asked Ajadi some questions concerning his whereabouts.

“I said where are you coming from at this time of the night?” she asked with annoyance and obvious anger clearly written on her face. She angrily raised her arm up to slap her husband, but Ajadi quickly tapped her on the back with the ring while chanting some strange incantations.

Sukura instantly became weak and soft like a dead leaf. Ajadi became very strong like Hercules and he beat the living daylight out of his boisterous and wicked wife. It was a very shocking and surprising spectacle. Ajadi couldn’t believe his eyes. The woman couldn’t raise one finger up in return. For about an hour, Ajadi continued beating his wife. When he felt she must have suffered enough, he stopped the assault.

Surprisingly, Sukura did not retaliate as Ajadi rained blows on her. It was like she had fainted or giving up the ghost. At this very moment, lots of neighbours had gathered inside Ajadi’s apartment to witness the unfolding drama.

Then Ajadi remembered the next line of action, as the old herbalist had instructed him. He brought out his manhood instantly and urinated on the face of his wife. Without mincing words, Sukura regained consciousness and got up from the ground. She was so weak and groggy like a drunk person. She staggered up and moved inside the bedroom. She didn’t say a word. She felt so remorseful, shameful and afraid of her husband.

The neighbours were motionless and surprised, as they had witnessed the most bizarre drama of their lives. It was like a goat now feasting and eating up a lioness. The time was around 9pm. Sukura went to sleep that night after that strange and unbelievable encounter.

The following day, she rose up early in the morning and packed all her belongings from the house and left Ajadi’s apartment to an unknown destination. From that day onward, they parted ways as husband and wife.

On her way, neighbours accosted her, trying to find out her next line of action or where she was headed, but she shook her head sideways, hissed and refused to say what was on her mind. It seemed she must have learnt her lessons the hard way.

That was how the juju man saved Ajadi from this monster of a wife. It was good riddance to bad rubbish. Ajadi heaved a sigh of relief and became a happy man once again.

Three months later, he married a soft, beautiful, gentle and loving wife, who later bore him two lovely children in the following years. But he would never forget Sukura throughout his lifetime.


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