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Disinfect home contact areas, appliances against COVID-19 pandemic


At this stage and time that the coronavirus pandemic is skyrocketing on a daily basis, it wouldn’t only be risky to look the other way at thorough disinfecting of all home appliances and accessories in your interiors and exteriors, especially the high touch and contact areas, but irresponsible too.

You know how the home is supposed to be your safest place to hide this lockdown season? Yes, but to sustain that safety, you must at this time make it a must do, to disinfect all contact exteriors and interiors, alongside maintaining a high level of hygiene.

You should not fear, as that kills faster than the virus itself, but you must do safety, and keeping safe basically implies that every contact appliances and accessories in your home should be void of the virus. So get a disinfectant or make your own disinfectant and get started on the keeping safe measures.
Want to make your own disinfectant?
Homemade Disinfectant Spray Recipe
1 ¼ cup water
¼ cup white vinegar
¼ cup vodka
15 drops peppermint or Lemon Essential Oil.

Here are the places to disinfect in your home:
Stair railings: For those who have to climb the stairs before getting to their apartment, and those who live in duplexes with stair railings, ensure to clean and disinfect your railings thoroughly because you touch the railing for support as you climb the stairs.

Your faucets and handles
Like never before, a lot of hand-washing is going on in your home and you should keep it that way. But the question is, where do you touch in the bid to wash your hands? Of course your faucet handles. So disinfect all the faucets handles in your home.

It is of utmost importance to disinfect the doorknobs on all entry and exit doors in your home, alongside all interior doorknobs because your un-sanitised hands touches the doorknobs regularly as you open the doors, especially those who do not have a running hand wash basin at the entrance of their exterior door.

Another high contact area in your home is the switchplates. You don’t want to pick up germs while turning on and off the lights, so make sure to disinfect frequently.


There are a number of counter tops in the home and of course they are of high contact. So make it a habit to disinfect your kitchen, bathroom, and other countertops regularly.

Tabletops as you know are also of high contact in the home. You eat and do a number of other things on your tabletops everyday, so disinfect as often as possible.

Toilet seats and rims are always good surfaces to disinfect. The more people use them, the more frequently they should be disinfected.

Ensure to disinfect your kitchen and bathroom sinks because germs naturally find a hiding place in sinks due to the raw food down your kitchen drain and spitting out toothpaste in the bathroom. Sinks can be filthy places in your home that need frequent disinfection.
Cell phones, Remote controls and Computer keyboards
These accessories easily attract dirt and germs, so carefully disinfect with small isopropyl alcohol wipes because of their sensitive accessories.


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