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Doctorate degree for Eucharia Anunobi of Moviedom

By Shaibu Husseini
12 June 2021   |   3:03 am
She didn’t spare her social media wall before and after the conferment of the doctorate degree in Theology on her by Kingdom Life Bible College and Seminary International.


She didn’t spare her social media wall before and after the conferment of the doctorate degree in Theology on her by Kingdom Life Bible College and Seminary International. Daily, the multiple award-winning actress, model, ordained preacher, life coach, social reformer, writer, publisher and business entrepreneur Eucharia Akuwa Anunobi updated her fans and followers on the conferment.

Shortly after the award ceremony on May 30, the disarmingly humble actress took to her social media handles to announce that she has joined the league of personalities who will be addressed by the title ‘Dr’.

“Behold the newest PH.D (sic) holder-Apostle Dr. Eucharia Akuwa Anunobi. This is thanking you all for celebrating me on my pH. D (sic) conferment on the 30th of May 2021,” was the terse message she shared on her social media handles.

Messages of congratulations from her fans and colleagues have continued to pour in for the actress whose stature, as an actress in Nollywood many say is a legend.

Indeed, here is one actress, an English graduate of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka with a robust talent and whose applause has continued to be rigorously sustained and whose performance many says have continued to win her accolades within and outside the shores of Nigeria. Meet the actress of Ijele fame and other titles who is deservedly ranked among the distinguished actress of the Nigerian movie industry- a feat, which close followers of her dazzling runs say she attained through hard work and extraordinary talent.

Described by colleagues as a self-critic, Eucharia has been a devoted disciple of the genre. Though she did not train as an actress, she explained that acting for her was “inborn.” She noted that as soon as her mind was made up, she read books on acting and watched movies to upgrade her acting skills. She also said that she resolved, at the time she was going to engage the acting runway, to remain committed to the acting vocation.

Her commitment and consistency seem to have paid off. Today, Eucharia is in a vocation that has brought her fame and fortune. The tall and well-built actress has also brought her skills to bear in critically acclaimed productions like Showdown, Ordained, Last Burial, Yours Faithfully, Ijele, Anointed, Battle of Musanga, Unholy Desire and countless other movie productions.

But she hit a nerve when she featured as a lead actress in that commercially successfully movie from the stable of NEK video links titled Glamour Girls. Even though the movie contributed to throwing the ravishingly beautiful actress into the limelight, it also earned her some knocks from some members of the movie crowd who are still not convinced that the Jacuzzi scene, which she shared with the bearded actor Zack Orji, was mere make-believe. In fact, so many unpleasant things were written and said about her.

Most people openly maintained then that it was difficult to believe that both actors never went to the extreme while playing out the trembling smooching scene. But Eucharia even to date would no be bothered by such comments. She blamed public perception about her at the time Glamour Girls was released to the lack of enlightenment on the part of the movie audience.

“What we do is basically make-believe. I think some people have failed to appreciate the fact that once we are on set we take on the lives of others. I mean, the fact that I have played a nagging wife or a woman that is unfaithful does not mean that I am one in real life. That’s why it is make-believe,’’ she clarified.

Although Eucharia has often been cast in bitchy roles, she had to play different roles to prove her versatility.

Of all her movie runs, Eucharia named her role in Identity as her most memorable. She thinks as many do that her outing in Ijele was spectacular, but she considers her outing in Identity as one of her most tasking movie run yet.

“I have done so many movies that are memorable. In fact, all my movies are. But I think the most memorable I have done is Identity where I featured identical twins; I found it tasking and time-consuming. I didn’t find it too challenging, but it was fun playing two opposite characters in one movie. So, to that extent, I don’t think it would be wrong for me to say that I can interpret whatever role I am given.”

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