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Down with the tyrant!


Eweoro had been the king of Ifura town for a very long time. He was a king who loved rituals, magic, and sacrifices a lot. His palace was decorated with the most up-to-date traditional medicine, which he used in inflicting harm on his enemies and even friends alike.

Everybody feared him because he was wicked and had an unforgiving spirit. People had been praying for his death. They even prayed for his abdication of the throne, but he wouldn’t give up so easily. There were many stories about the human rituals he always performed to stay long on the throne, believing the sacrifices would prolong his days on earth.

If a man, woman or anybody whatsoever should mysteriously disappear in Ifura, it must be as a result of Eweoro’s sacrifice or ritual. But nobody dared talk or protest for fear that he might come down heavily on the person. Who can dare face the lion in its den without getting consumed as a menu instantly? Who can face the shark in the deep abyss of the ocean without ending as lunch in its belly?


There had been cases of missing children everywhere in Ifura, but nobody blew the trumpet. They all knew their king was involved, but they suffered in silence. It was usual for him to make a human sacrifice at least once a year.

The year was in June 1950. Eweoro had decided to make that year’s sacrifice with a small boy this time around. The previous year, he had sacrificed a girl. Without much ado, he secretly sent out about three men to get the victim of sacrifice for him. These three men- Kekereawo, Ikaraun, and Ewenje- were close associates of the king and always partook in his barbaric human rituals. Soon, the men left for their mission as ordered by the notorious monarch.

The men searched every nook and cranny of the town looking for the ‘right victim’ for the sacrifice. For two days, they searched and searched, but there was no luck. Then on the third day, it seemed luck had smiled on them when they spotted a little boy strolling playfully outside his parent’s house. There was nobody in sight that midday and the atmosphere was bright and cool.

The men cleverly moved towards the little boy who was unaware and ignorant of the approaching men. They had a big bag with them and rushed towards the little boy, tied his hands and his mouth forcefully with a cloth so that he wouldn’t be able to shout.

The poor boy was shocked and surprised when he was being manhandled and dragged by the strange men. He struggled effortlessly with the men, but he was no match for the muscled assailants. He cried and cried as he was bundled inside the bag and carried away instantly. The men headed for the palace at once, as nobody noticed the time the boy was being kidnapped.

About two minutes later, the mother of the boy came out. She started calling her son: “Adio! Adio!” She was shouting his name at the top of her voice. Then, it suddenly dawned on her that her son had disappeared. She was shocked, sweating profusely and confused and continued screaming louder.

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