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Dying for love’s sake! Part 3



“When she is going home to meet her husband, she should walk over it,” the old herbalist continued, “Take this amulet, it is called Magun. Once her husband makes love to her, he would crow seven times like a cock and then somersault three times. He would die the next moment. My fee is N50, 000.”

“Thank you very much, Baba Onigba Oro. Money is not the problem. You know I’m always loaded. This is N60, 000. I’m happy to hear this,” Asuquo replied excitedly.

“Thank you so much, my son. You always make me happy,” the old herbalist said with joy, baring his brown teeth in the process.


The following day, Asuquo gave Shalewa the juju amulet called Magun and told her what to do. Shalewa was so happy when she collected it and did as instructed and went home after office hours.

Tosin was busy that night working on some documents he took home from the office. He wasn’t in the mood to make love and felt reluctant. However, simply because he loved her, he fell for her evil antics. Alas, the devil was at work in the person of Shalewa. That eventful night, she lured and seduced her husband to make love to her.

Without much ado, they were in the bedroom, ready to make passionate love. Exactly five minutes during the love making session, Tosin suddenly got up and crowed like a full-grown cock for seven times. Then, he somersaulted three times after he had finished crowing and painfully, he fell on to the bare floor and lay stone dead.

Surprisingly, Shalewa screamed for help under false pretext. She was actually shedding crocodile tears, lamenting that her husband gave up the ghost naturally, unknown to people that she was behind the young man’s death.

Neighbours rushed to their bedroom that evening around 10p.m. to sympathise with her. That was how Tosin died under strange circumstances, killed by a woman he loved passionately from the bottom of his heart.

Thereafter, the evil duo- Asuquo and Shalewa- became happy that at last, Tosin was dead. They became inseparable like Siamese twins. But Almighty God was quick in anger, because nemesis took its toll on Asuquo exactly one month later, as he suffered a devastating stroke that paralysed his two legs and one arm. He couldn’t go out to the office again and was had excruciating pains all over his body.

Asuquo spent millions of naira in search of medical help, but all was fruitless. He got leaner and leaner, reeling in physical and emotional pains till he breathed his last three months later. Asuquo died a penniless and frustrated man.

Immediately Asuquo died, Shalewa was hit by smallpox, which covered her whole body. She couldn’t sleep for several weeks, as she was in pains. Her beauty instantly faded away and she looked gaunt, ugly and unkempt. She sought medical solutions too, but to no avail. Her ailment defied orthodox medicine and she soon became a beggar on the streets of Lagos and everybody avoided her like a plague.

Six months later, she went mad and confessed her evil deeds. Tosin’s parents took custody of her little kid. She too died when her son was two years old.

It is a bad thing to plan and do evil, because there is judgment for one’s sins from the Almighty God.


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