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Dying for love’s sake!


Two people in love holding hands. Photo: PIXABAY

Everybody at the office knew that Shalewa was dating Mr. Asuquo Benson. Asuquo was a Manager in the company while Shalewa was a Computer Assistant.

Shalewa was a very beautiful and charming lady in her early 20s. She had all the seductive and alluring qualities a lady should have in abundance. Everything was in the right proportion- white set of teeth, well-curved shape, a lovely nose and sparkling starry eyes that could tempt any man. Asuquo had been dating Shalewa for the past three years, and everybody at the office knew this but pretended as if nothing was happening. Asuquo was a married man and in his 50s, with four children. They started the illicit romance affair immediately Shalewa was employed in Gold Waters Insurance Limited.

Sincerely, Asuquo knew that Shalewa had a fiancé but he didn’t give a damn because of the weakness of the flesh. To him, Shalewa’s fiancé could go to blazes; he didn’t mind. The illicit relationship was very interesting and sweet. Asuquo could dare the gods because of this delectable beauty!

Tosin Peters was actually the fiancé of Shalewa. Tosin was a young man in his late 20s. He was a graduate of Business Administration from a reputable University and he had a good job. He was tall, dark-skinned and handsome. He was a senior staff in a Marketing Firm based in Lagos Island. Tosin and Shalewa’s relationship had started ever before Shalewa got the job at Gold Waters Insurance Limited. Tosin was deeply in love with Shalewa and a date had been fixed for their wedding ceremony. Love is such a sweet feeling and can be painful also! Tosin loved and trusted Shalewa with every fibre of his being and soul. She meant everything to him. No one could dare believe the fact that Shalewa was two-timing and dating someone else even when her wedding date had already been fixed! Shalewa was absolutely a pretender of the highest order.

At this very moment, the wedding ceremony between Shalewa and Tosin was the talk-of-the-town. Invitation cards had been printed and some staff of Gold Waters Insurance Limited was also invited. It came to the knowledge of Asuquo that his mistress, Shalewa, would soon be a married woman after she must have walk down the aisle with her fiancé. Despite the glaring fact that Shalewa would soon be in holy wedlock with her fiancé she still had a fervent and rapturous love-making session with Asuquo three days to her wedding day! What would eventually happen in this heart-breaking relationship since Asuquo had bluntly refused to let go of Shalewa and she was shamelessly in ‘love’ with him? What kind of love was this?

Shalewa was a woman possessed by the triple grip of money, lust, and greed. She was well-taken care of by Tosin Peters, her suitor and she also grabbed material things from Asuquo on a daily basis. Where would this dangerous drift end?

The wedding ceremony between Shalewa and Tosin Peters took place on the last Saturday in the month of October. It was a great event where all the pomp and pageantry of wealth was displayed by the couples’ families. Tosin was so happy to have as wife a lady she loved with all his heart, unknown to him that he was now married to a beautiful devil.

To be continued next week on Saturday.


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