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Eight home trends to get rid off this year

By Tobi Awodipe
14 January 2017   |   2:45 am
We are in a brand new year and by now, most people would have returned from their travels and holidays. It is back to our homes and offices.
Oversized sofa

Oversized sofa

We are in a brand new year and by now, most people would have returned from their travels and holidays. It is back to our homes and offices.

Naturally, a new year offers an opportunity to redecorate, redesign and reevaluate our homes and spaces. As a home is the refuge, where comfort, peace and love should abound, one cannot do enough to make it beautiful.

With this mindset, the following are some trends that should be shunned this year to create that wonderful home of your dream:

Brass has to go people. We know this metal can bring a certain shiny appeal to the home, but it is time to resist it. If you cannot, try experimenting with metals. For instance, you can incorporate brass fittings into an oil-rubbed bronze faucet or use only small brass accents.

Edison Bulbs
They are also known as yellow bulbs. This is 2017 and these old-fashioned hanging bulbs have to go. Over a thousand and one light fixtures now abound in the market, so there is absolutely no excuse to stick to them. Besides, these exposed, hanging bulbs pose slight dangers in the home.

All-White Rooms
Much as many people love all-white rooms and the illusion of space it gives, top designers are saying this year will flaunt rooms accented with navy fabrics or moody blues. Navy is the new face of modern design, as it adds a bit of warmth and freshness to a room.

This hue has been everywhere the past few years and it is time to rest it. Instead, you can use a variation of blue tones or opt for handcrafted indigo prints.

Brushed Metal
As part of what should be ignored in the industrial décor trend this year, burnished metals are also on their way out. Warmer, shinier metals, such as bronze or gold will take their place. Also, fine, polished wood is projected to be prominent this year, as well. So, take advantage.

Smooth and Sleek Rooms
This year, home design will be all about texture. This may mean updating the definition of ‘modern’, which typically refers to rooms that are smooth, sleek and ‘flat’. Designs this year will incorporate chunky stitches, pleats, folds and other textural, warm items that help you connect to the room on an emotional level.

Oversized Furniture
The issue of space is something that bothers a lot of us, as we might not have the space we desire. When picking furniture, you might want to reconsider that giant plush couch. It’s time for oversized furniture to go with more space-efficient pieces taking their place.

More and more designers are turning away from the zigzag pattern of chevron, especially prints that have just two or three colours, which can sometimes look cheap or two-dimensional.

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