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Everyone should have office space at home


working space

While we all talk about shunning mediocrity and excelling through hard work, people forget that charity begins at home, meaning, the first and last workplace for anyone in the home.

A hardworking person naturally wakes up to the day’s work from his or her home working space, which could be a small office corner in your living room, bedroom, corridor, staircase space, if not an entire room space for when you need to study or finish up office work.

So whether your home office is a designated space for study, carryover office work, running a business, paying bills or organising your schedule, you should have more than an ordinary chair and table stuffed into a free space, as there is the possibility that the best part of your work, get done in the home office.


Your home office should reflect the design and comfort of the rest of your home irrespective how big or small the space allocation is.

How to create office space in the home
. First things first, put your location into consideration. Those who cannot afford to designate an entire room must look for a less busy spot so as to avoid distraction. But if clients will be stopping by, a private space with two or more seats must be in place.

. Get a desk that is big enough to accommodate your laptop, work materials and other needed equipment or gadgets for your work.

. Ensure to get a comfortable office chair(s), preferably a gas lift design chair.

What your home office should be
. Though it is an office, never forget it is in your home and as such should still have the ambience of the home. Hence, you should paint the wall with choice colours. You need a colour that puts you in a working mood. For some people, it’s a bright, cheery colour like white, cream, pink or orange. While others work better in a calming colour environment like grey, bottle green, others.

. Your home office furniture should complement other furniture in your apartment.

working space

. Your home office should feature motivational artistic pieces and home accessories.

. Must be well organised and orderly. Do not litter stationaries.

. Ensure that your home office room or corner is well ventilated.


Whether your home office is a whole room space or spot in a space ensure to give yourself a spirit-lifting view other than a blank view by positioning the desk where you can stare at something appealing when you raise your head from a book or laptop.

. Choose natural decorating accessories, they are best for intellectual enhancing.

. Illuminate your home office with very bright lights to avoid straining your eyes, which might lead to fatigue.

. Hang floating shelves on the walls to get papers and office equipment off the desk, and use vertical file folders on the desk to keep important papers within arm’s reach.

. If you have an entire room as a home office, it is imperative to use office blinds at your window. This gets your working mode activated more than the regular home curtain probably would.

. Ensure to encase all cords, so you don’t have wires littered all over the place, especially those using a spot in a space for their home office.

How to keep your home office functioning
. Do not turn your desk to a library. Meaning, avoid dumping books on your home office desk, a clumsy desk is a work turn off.

. Don’t turn your desk to dining where you eat.

. Imbibe the conventional office culture where you put personal issues behind, and just work once you’re at your desk.

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