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Excitement at Hi-Impact Planet, as Bisola Aiyeola of BBN rates facility high

By Anote Ajeluorou
22 April 2017   |   4:45 am
Operators of Hi-Impact Planet Amusement Park and Resort are over the moon, as they are still celebrating the unsolicited endorsement and hype housemate of Big Brother Naija, Bisola Aiyeola...

Operators of Hi-Impact Planet Amusement Park and Resort are over the moon, as they are still celebrating the unsolicited endorsement and hype housemate of Big Brother Naija, Bisola Aiyeola, gave the facility while the reality TV show lasted.

Although she didn’t win the contest, the entire staff was mobilised to vote for her in appreciation for the personal testimony she gave to the international audience that saw the show.

Indeed, the facility lived up to its hype at the Easter weekend, when families and fun-seekers thronged the expansive grounds, packed with arrays of games, rides and other mouth-watery activities, including eateries and luxury apartments, to enjoy the feast away from the bustle of Lagos life.

A carnival-like campaign around parts of Lagos, starting from Lekki to other parts of town, preceded the festivities that created an atmosphere of festivities about coming activities at the park. At the entrance to the park, opposite MFM’s Mountain Top University, mascots of various shapes and sizes staged dances. The message to motorists and travellers was simple: Race on our Go Kart Tracks, Not on the Highways; Have a Safe Trip! Come race on the rides! Branded gifts were also handed out to passers-by.

Indeed, the rides and games at Hi-Impact Planet promise so much excitement for children and adults alike, combined with a world standard ambience, with to-notch maintenance that has kept the facility in top shape more than 15 months since it started operation.

On Saturday and Sunday were also given out, aside dances, nightclubbing, karaoke and a barbecue party to end the weekend.

According to the Managing Director, Prince Adeyanju Lipede: “Nigerians have actually responded well to the need to be entertained. We had all our residences taken. At Solution Media and Hi-Impact Planet, we try to give what Nigerians get outside here. We are not saying Nigerian standard is not good, but we try to make it better. We are also able to maintain the culture of excellence. If a ride goes down, we maintain it. That is how it’s done abroad.”

Lipede expressed excitement that Bisola of BBN gave his facility such unsolicited endorsement in an international show that further exposed Hi-Impact Planet Amusement Park and Resort to a wider audience beyond Nigeria, saying, “Bisola did an unsolicited advertisement for us. She only spoke from an experience she’d had. We didn’t even know she had visited the park before. Imagine our surprise when she described every detail of our park with precision, as if we paid her to do it. But we didn’t.”

Lipede added that Bisola’s testimony on BBN was borne out of personal experience, which eh said was even more reliable than any form of advertisement could have done.

While appraising the Easter show, the Solution Media boss also said, “We had a fantastic roadshow. We did a show at the junction to Hi-Impact Planet. You see, if you compare what people spend here at Hi-Impact Planet, it cannot be compared to flight tickets to go abroad for the same fun. We have trained our staff for the work of amusement park; we have taken them to amusement parks around the world.”

Lipede noted that in spite of the high dollar rate to the naira, he was yet to increase the price rates of enjoying facility. He also noted that providing entertainment for children was still the best investment anyone could make. He, however, added that what stood Hi-Impact Planet out is the commitment to “Render service, unparalleled service, competitive, service, excellent service, and above all, leave a legacy!”

In spite of the amazing array of games and rides already in place, Lipede’s passion is not only to provide what Nigerians spend fortunes to enjoy abroad, but to surpass it. Many interesting activities are already lined up for Workers Day, May 1 that include jugglers, clowns, club night, DJs, picnics, with freebies for guests. Children will have a field day on Children’s Day, May 27. Also in summer or long holiday period, Hi-Impact will host school children to dance, counseling, seminars and other fun activities.