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Family Or The Society ?

SO many made this mistake and never lived to tell the story. Their immediate families are left to live with the consequences of their poor sense of judgment.
Germanwings plane crash: Families mourn 150 victims of Airbus A320 crash, including 16 school children. Image source radioaustralia.

Germanwings plane crash: Families mourn 150 victims of Airbus A320 crash, including 16 school children. Image source radioaustralia.

SO many made this mistake and never lived to tell the story. Their immediate families are left to live with the consequences of their poor sense of judgment.

Many made the mistake and are alive, telling their stories in pain. It all happens when we choose the society and extended families above our immediate family.

I know men who, when they were rich, ignored their wives for their siblings. These men ignore their immediate family for the society. They are wonderful and generous when it comes to throwing money around in community meetings.

Many have trained and sent graduates for studies abroad while their own children are nowhere. In church, they give more than everybody else, but their wife wears only two clothes all year round and their parents are under a leaking roof.

Some give money to their wives and children, they make sure they have everything they need to be happy; they love their home. But one mistake they make is making their sibling a director in the company without the wife’s name being there. This group of men believe that they are so loved by their sibling and so their family is protected and taken care of in case of an eventuality. What a foolish way to reason. With what I have seen in my years of running an organization for widows, it’s even better trusting a friend that way instead of a family member.

Recently, a friend lost her husband to cancer. He was a very good man who loved and took care of his siblings. He got them houses, cars, and good jobs. My friend is such a godly and homely woman who loves her in-laws. What did she get? Just two weeks after the man died, before his burial, the brother walked into their house in the company of his wife and took his biggest SUV away.

The kind of change we saw from him only left us speechless because this same guy, prior to his brother’s death, would come in, hug the wife and call her all kinds of pet names… life, oh life. Today, he cruises about town in his SUV with his heartless wife, they care less about this widow and her children.

Your family, spouse and children, are your best friends. You better stick tightly to them because they are the only ones that will stick tightly to you when everyone is gone. What we have are more of fair-weather friends and the very moment they stop getting that thing they are getting from you, it’s ‘to your tents oh Israel’.

Ignore the world, face your home and make sure you build a very strong tie with your spouse and children. Even your children will grow and leave home someday, they will become visitors, your spouse will be there with you all through.

Stop trying to win the world; stop placing your friends above your spouse and children, those friends, more often than not, care less about you.

If you die today, they move on. If you die today, even before you are committed to Mother Earth, your siblings have prepared documents ready to take everything away from your spouse. Just take a look at victims of air crashes, the spouse and children are consumed by grief while siblings jump from one place to the other just to get the money. You may not even know, but many are praying and waiting for their rich sibling to die.

When it eventually happens, they grab whatever they can lay hands on and move on. But, depending on the kind of relationship you have with your spouse and children, they may find it difficult moving on.

There is nothing as important as family and no one has your interest at heart like your immediate family. They take you out every night to drink while your children are fatherless with a father and your wife a widow with a husband; none of them will ask after your family when you are gone and as you are being united with Mother Earth, they are thinking of how to see the body of your wife. They succeeded in making your husband a married bachelor and your children motherless; they are moving in to torture your children the very moment you are gone.

That closest brother or sister who you have entrusted with everything you have will use your wealth to feed his or her own family when you are gone because a lesson has been learnt from your stupidity. He loves your wife so much now and calls her ‘mummy’, don’t worry; he would become her number one enemy the very moment you close your eyes in death. That best friend will be the one to tell the world how much of a harlot your wife is if she fails to let him in between her legs. You go behind your husband to build houses, not even in your children’s names; in your brother’s name. Get ready, the very day you are out of your home, his wife will stand by the entrance of that same house to force you to make a U-turn.

Face your family; never lose family for friends. Your career and friends, and extended families are nothing when it comes to your immediate family. Strive to please your husband, wife, and children more than any other person in this world.

All these ‘I love you’ are coming because they have something to gain from you. The very moment you fall ill or something happens, they turn to the next available door. When you stink on your hospital bed, only your spouse and children will come to pack your mess.

The very day you are no longer able to attend to their issues, you become past tense. Hard? That’s the reality of life and I always try to tell myself the truth. The very day you don’t have that money to give; the very day you no longer share those things; the very day you stop hanging out with them, they won’t even bother to know what’s happening to you, you automatically become Assistant Devil.

I can make a name for myself and be known by the world, the greatest name I will ever make for myself is having a family that will stay with me through thick and thin. I want a family that when I am done with my mission on earth and gone, will keep my dreams, vision, and faith alive.

If you are one of those who see nothing good in building a strong family, I pray the Holy Spirit gives you a new revelation today. If you have been misled into believing that a spouse shouldn’t be trusted, I pity you and I pray you realize your mistakes and make amends before it gets too dark. Win your immediate family before striving to win the world. Family matter more.




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