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Fascinating varieties… the heartbeat of Christmas

By Maria Diamond
19 December 2020   |   4:05 am
The uniqueness and beauty of Christmas is how it gets in the atmosphere and space even before the D-day. The season bears its own unparalleled mood such that naturally compels...

The uniqueness and beauty of Christmas is how it gets in the atmosphere and space even before the D-day. The season bears its own unparalleled mood such that naturally compels you to embellish your space to suit the atmosphere.

Christmas naturally gets into your heart like a force and draws you into celebrating with all decorative blinks and publicity, especially at home.

However, without apt decorative varieties and attention to details, it can be challenging to carve out interior yuletide decorations for appropriate atmosphere; it’s beyond erecting and placing trees, accessories and ornaments here and there. This is why when it comes to Christmas decors and interior fittings, Luxury and interior experts in Nigeria, such as Modupe Ogunlesi, CEO of Adam and Eve Luxury Store, might be your best bet, especially if you have a massive space.

According to her, the Christmas tree ranks first on the list. However, the tree wouldn’t stand alone without other Christmas ornaments and accessories.

Indoor Father Christmas Décor
The significance of Santa Claus, Ogunlesi reveals, cannot be overestimated at Christmas, as it is the bearer of good tidings. Best mounted early Christmas morning at the entrance of the house, it is particular for Christmas day visitors and even family members; it would be bearing gifts. The idea is for people to get to your entrance on Christmas and behold Santa Claus bearing presents for them; they just pick up directly from there.

The Christmas Reindeer
The reindeer is the animal that pulls Santa Claus’s carriage. It can be placed indoor and outdoor. For outdoors, you can place it in your garden, while indoors goes in one corner of your living room depending on your space.

The 10-Year Duration Christmas Tree
Generally, when you pick a Christmas tree, you should look at the children in the house, especially the youngest. Your Christmas tree on average should last you for 10-years, so add 10-years to the age of the youngest, then you know the size of tree you should pick because when your children are about 5-year old, at age 15, they are taller than 6-fit. So, if you want to use your tree for the next 10-years, you must pick a tree that is taller than 6-fit because once the children start looking down on a tree, you would no longer get the Christmas feeling, which is why on average we say pick a 7-fit tree, then you can forget about buying a new Christmas tree for the next 10-years. You would only change the decorations for a brand new feel and atmosphere.

Christmas tree accessories
The more interesting accessories you have on your tree, the better it looks. You can have a little bird, little ballerina, artificial candle, stars, teddy bear, drums, sweets etc. such that when you stand, or a little child stands at the tree, they can see fascinating varieties that keeps them glued to the tree and the whole idea of Christmas tree in their mind remains a wonder of beauty beyond imagination. It keeps Christmas alive for them year-in year-out, but more importantly, it keeps the child’s brain active and more interested. Variety is the centre of attraction because if it’s all balls or just common accessories seen everywhere without varieties, the children feel indifference about it. Your tree would fascinate a child by the mix of the different items and accessories on it.

Height of your Christmas tree
Nowadays, a lot of houses have high roofs and with that, a very tall tree is befitting and more pleasant to behold. It is actually nice to have a very tall tree as children always cherish and adore the tallest of trees; it fascinates them the most. The ones that get them stretching their legs and eyes to behold, because the truth is, Christmas is so large in the minds of children such that they go for the largest and highest of trees.

Modern Lightings
You need to make up your mind about the kind of light you need on your tree, warm white or brilliant white.
The warm white is more suitable for the indoor, but can be seen day or night, however, it creates a more intimate atmosphere indoors.

The brilliant white is best for outdoors when you want the light to be seen by the world. So day or night, you would see the brilliance of the white. However, some people can’t make up their minds and in that situation you can do a mixture of warm and brilliant white. For your outdoor you can also have a brilliant white lighting with bits of blinking warm white hidden inside the tree such that it reflects mildly, pulling your eyes to its direction. It would definitely sit well outdoors with the blinks.

Contemporary colours of Christmas ornaments
Gone are the days when the colours of Christmas were green, red and gold, now those barriers are all broken. You can do pink and silver, blue, multi-colours, gold and silver etc. You can also play with two-colour concepts like gold and silver or any colour of your choice.

Activity Sets
You have the baby in the Ninja, the tree wise men, shepherd etc.

The Wreath
The Xmas wreath is usually made with Christmas tree leaves, with lightings and should be at your entrance. However, small ones can be hung in your sitting room.

Ceiling lightings
You can decorate your interior ceiling with Christmas light, preferably the warm white. So, on Christmas and New Year eve, you switch off your main light, leaving the lights from the tree and ceiling. What you have is the twinkle of Christmas light, which gives a cozy and romantic atmosphere.

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