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Adire on wheels in distinct styles  

By Maria Diamond
08 January 2022   |   3:50 am
The beauty of Adire fabric is second to none, such that when designed in choice styles, suits both men and women, young and old with unparalleled elegance.

The beauty of Adire fabric is second to none, such that when designed in choice styles, suits both men and women, young and old with unparalleled elegance.
The concept of Adire is a resist-dyed cloth produced and worn by the Yoruba people of southwestern Nigeria in West Africa.
The Yoruba adire, which means ‘tie and dye’ is processed by folding, twisting, crumpling or pleating a fabric, and then immersing in a dye-bath that produces different texture on the fabric. The fabrics are tied through threads or rubber bands; and these manipulations prior to the application of dyeing, are called resists.
Since its inception in Nigeria, adire has been one of the country’s major cultural and traditional attires worn by not only the southwestern Nigerians but also everyone, even foreigners, who visit the country find the aesthetic of adire a worthiness to return home with.

Based on this, Adire Oodua textile hub founded by the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, launched Adire On Wheels at the Muson Centre, Lagos, recently in order to encourage wealth creation among women and the youth.
Women and youths were taught the process of Adire making and given start up funds to enable them become self-sustainable.
Known for mentoring and empowering youths in different sectors, his Imperial Majesty believes that the hub would help to build a critical mass of youths who would impact their communities in different ways.
The Ooni, who emphasised on the need for the young people to be creative and come up with innovations, commended Princess Ronke Ademiluyi, the founder of African Fashion Week London and Nigeria, for the innovation of Adire On Wheels.

He said: “This is a beautiful innovation, Adire On Wheels hub being powered and driven by Princess Ademiluyi. We are very proud of the things that she is doing as this would help to empower young people and direct their energy for positive use.
“This innovation would take a lot of our youths off the streets. You can imagine the impact. For instance, 10 of them can have a wheel like this and we would give them a catchment area to sell to people around after work. We will then spread it across the entire country. By virtue of that, our youths won’t need to be looking for employment, they can be self-employed. This will boost local production and create employment for our youths.”
In her remarks during the event, Princess Ademiluyi said: “I am grateful for having the opportunity to re-launch and be more innovative and creative. As of today, the Adire hub is exporting adire to over five-countries around the globe. Our focus on the Adire on Wheels initiative is to ensure that beneficiaries of the free Adire training gain knowledge about the different technologies of adire making, ranging from Batik, Alabere, Ekeko, Oniko, Flooring, Marbling and Screen Printing among others.”