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Amazing eyebrows to change your beauty life


The beauty trend of late has been moving away from the indiscriminate thick eyebrows in favour of the virgin brow that is embracing and playing up the arches we were born with. Eyebrows are not one-size-fits-all, the truth is that the bold style doesn’t work for all ladies, and so the natural look, too.

The challenge of every brow professional is that through years of tweezing, waxing and shaping our eyebrows, it’s hard to know what our natural arches actually look like.

Everyone looks best with what they are naturally given, whether it’s full and thick brows, or smaller brows, which are often associated with fine and delicate facial features.A feathered brow is a naturally soft tapered look, meant to mimic our God-given arches. To achieve this, you have to go through brow rehab that is no hair removal whatsoever, for at least eight weeks.


Several options exist for removing hair to achieve a thinner or smaller eyebrow, or to correct a eyebrow including manual and electronic tweezing, waxing, and threading. The most common method is to use tweezers to thin out and shape the eyebrow.

Tips to achieving the perfect Eyebrow Arch for your face shape
. To look structured and precise, or wild and unruly, brushing your brows is the most important step. Start at the root of the brow hair and pull in the direction of hair growth for a groomed look.

. When opting for a pencil, choose one that has a very fine tip in order to create small strokes that mimic actual hairs. An angled brush and powder will give a slightly heavier look.

. When filling in brows, use a product that is a touch lighter and more muted than your brow hair colour in order to achieve a natural look. Try gently pressing on the brow with your clean fingertip to soften the colour.

. For thinner brows, gel can beef up the texture of your brows, adding actual volume and making them appear thicker.

. The trend is more about the brow hairs that you leave, rather than what you take away. When in doubt, put the tweezers down and pick up the brow pencil.

. When trimming brows, you will need small scissors to comb them or a clean mascara wand .The brow hair in the tail should be longer in order to add opacity and length to the tail. The head or inner part above tear duct can be trimmed slightly but don’t trim too short. The top of the tuft should flow into the arch.

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