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Be chic-compliant with these 10 wardrobe basics


Every day we are inundated with beautiful clothes and shoes on the Internet, in magazines, in shops and so on and naturally, we want these things so we can slay in them. It is no surprise we get to the stage where we have so many clothes and shoes in our wardrobes and still say, “I don’t have what to wear.” Also, in a bid to acquire many outfits, you might end up buying poor quality items that don’t last more than a couple of months. Focusing on a few, basic pieces can be a much better approach than simply buying every cheap, trendy item that catches your eye. While some pieces might be a bigger investment than others, having these key items will save you time and money since you won’t always be running out to look for something to wear or for something that matches what you already have.As usual, here are our picks for the tried-and-true women’s wardrobe essentials that we think you should should own and can mix and match for any occasion, business or casual.

A pair of flats
Never underestimate the power of the right type of flats on your outfit. Aside the fact that they are comfortable to walk in, when you choose the right type of flats, you can look smart, move freely and not end up with sore legs after a long day at work or play.

Pencil skirts
A pencil skirt especially in black is a lifesaver any day anytime. They go with almost everything else in your wardrobe and if they are the right fit, they can do wonders for your figure. When shopping for one, choose a skirt of good quality without minding cost, they will serve you longer and look better on you.


A Roomy tote bag
You don’t have to drag all your devices around in separate bags when you have a roomy tote. They are chic and classy and they do the job of your other unflattering bags as well. Make sure to consider the bag’s weight, too. Remember, if you are investing in it, you should be able to easily carry it around all day. Also, it would be advisable to get a good quality one that you can use for a while.

It goes without saying that a jacket/ and blazer can give you that instant makeover without stressing you. Having a jacket means that you don’t have to worry about what to wear for that presentation at the next board meeting; just make sure they fit well. After your meeting at work, you can easily take it off and go out for an evening of fun and relaxation.

Comfortable Heels
You might have heard that a good pair of heels can transform any outfit from “just there” to glam- it’s gospel truth. Heels are a simple ways to improve your looks in the office. They shouldn’t be so high that you won’t be able to walk in them neither too casual that you feel out of place in some circles. There is nothing worse than hobbling around all night in shoes that don’t fit correctly or are too high or too narrow. On top of the pain, it’s money wasted on a pair of feet destroyers, not to mention the money you will spend on replacing them.

Ankle pants
If you wear trousers to work, it’s time to forgo your old pantsuits. Ankle-length pants are the in-thing. Generally, they look better with a pair of moderately heeled shoes. This may seem like a given, but in many cases, it’s simply not the case. Having a go-to pair of pants that fit you perfectly is key when you have a big meeting or evening event to attend. You can feel confident that you look polished and presentable, and you can focus on putting your best foot forward. It’s also worth it to spend the extra money for a tailor to get them just right.

Peplum Top
Don’t have one yet? Then you need to get one ASAP. Peplums give you a break from your regular shirt and they look great on both pants and skirts.


White button-down shirt
White button down shirts are timeless and they probably will never go out of fashion. They are easy to play up as well, so if you don’t have one, shop for it in the occasion that they will surely come in handy some day. While it may take some time to adjust to paying top cash for a plain white shirt, it is well worth the splurge. Having a great basic that you can pair with skirts, pants, or jeans really alleviates a lot of stress in the morning.

An everyday piece of jewellery
Most of us like to think we’re going to switch our jewellery everyday, but we fast realise that it’s unrealistic. Instead, switch over to investing in a piece of jewellery you love and can wear everyday that goes with absolutely everything. It’s nice to have one piece that brings you joy and makes you feel good every time you look at it.

Everyone should have one pair of jeans that no matter what, you can put on and feel good. Some days, no matter how hard you try, an outfit just won’t come together. When this happens, go back to your favourite jeans and pair them with a plain black or white shirt. You can’t go wrong, and you’ll leave the house feeling great.


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