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Daring tinted low haircuts

By Maria Diamond
15 January 2022   |   3:55 am
Dare to make a loud beautiful statement, you may have to join the trend of tinted low haircut fashion.

Dare to make a loud beautiful statement, you may have to join the trend of tinted low haircut fashion.
Whether male or female, young or old, it now seems as though if you have to make an appearance in style and stand out in a crowd, a tinted low haircut is the go-to.
Of course, a low haircut used to be a standard definition of clean look for men, while women of all colours all over the world could never talk about beauty without the traditional long hair. But the narrative for women and hairdo beauty has changed in recent times as a number of them, especially black women, find low cut with colour tints a stand out look.

Why Women Go On Low Cut
Management – A lot of women have very tight schedules daily and find it challenging to measure up with the task of maintaining long hair. So, for them, it’s easier to go on a low haircut and then have it tinted in the colour of choice to look radiant.
Financial – The cost of making and caring for long hair has become so expensive that some women find it cost-effective to go on low cut. This is particularly a challenge amongst some black women who feel compelled to go the extra mile to rid their natural long kink hair texture for relaxed curly or straight hair. However, the chemical used to relax the hair is now on the high cost but aside from the high cost of the relaxer, women have also complained about the high cost of hair extensions. Hence the need to go on low cut whilst tinting to look more attractive.
 New look – For most women, good looks do not revolve around a particular hairdo or style. So, women who now chose to go on tinted low cut for this reason feel the need to wear a completely new look from the long hair look. However, they find a way to change the low hair cut look when they want, by wearing wigs.
How Women Should Dress With Low Cut
IF you must wear a low haircut as a woman, you must be aware of the need to pay more attention to your dressing. The following dress tips would help you compliment your low haircut with your dress:
•Try to wear more lace-embellished tops, pastels and bright colour outfits, florals, ruffles, body-fitted skirts, jean trousers and t-shirts.
• Do away with baggy or loose outfits.
• Ensure to do away with masculine outfits to avoid further looking like men as low haircuts are traditionally for men.
• Try to wear makeup on your face as often as possible, however light.

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