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Show off your girly side in floral dresses


This year, floral dresses is the way to go for ladies of style, who want to move away from dull outfits and embrace the floral print trend. Floral fashion can be elegant and playful at the same time. The interesting thing about floral dresses is that the designs can be anything from multi-coloured to single-coloured, bright or neutral pallet, or even a simple floral pattern. Also, they are seen in different lengths and sizes. On the fashion scene, women of elegant style can’t let go of rocking these dresses for different occasions. Everything depends on individual’s taste and style. 
The creative designer, Ethereal Couture, Olalekan Oladele said floral dresses are beautiful and colourful pieces, usually worn in Spring and Summer.

“They come in various flowery patterns on a host background. Floral dresses are inspiring and ultra-feminine. Although prints and patterns are often a challenge to pull off, with some effort, they give a sophisticated look. Keep things simple and natural if you wish or take it up a notch and show off your fashion sense with contrasting patterns,” she said.


Tips On How To Pull Off Great Looks In Floral Prints:
• Choose the right prints for your body type. Larger flowers are more flattering to petite body types. Smaller flowers and floral designs give more of a solid colour impression and work on average to more shapely body types.
• Consider the host background colour of the dress. White backgrounds that display bright and sunny inspired blooms are ideal for concealing problem bulges. Darker ones give you a more tailored and tapered look and the illusion of being slimmer.

• Floral dresses can be paired with neutral colours, such as black, beige, white, nude and silver or you can go for pattern mixing, if you want more edgy sex appeal. Pair your floral dress with accessories that have bold stripes or polka dots. Also, consider choosing one or two colours from your floral pattern dress and matching all your accessories with those shades.
• Keep your jewelry simple and classic. Floral dresses usually have bold and bright colours. Pairing them with bold and colorful jewelry will cause disharmony. 


• Shoes have the power to make or break your floral outfit. Steer clear of wearing matching floral print shoes. Wear your dress with neutral sandals, wedges or stilettos. You could also pick one of the sober shades of the dress and match with the colour of your shoes. Another edgy idea is to pair your floral dress with all black accessories. 

• Select a bag that matches the most prominent color in your floral dress. If you think this would be too loud, tone it down with a solid neutral bag in primary colours, such as blue, black, white, tan or brown. 

• Also, belt is one accessory that can add plenty of contrast and a pop of colour to a floral dress. For instance, a black-and-white floral dress works just as well with almost any contrasting belt color— both blue and red are very appealing options. If you have a multi-coloured dress, choose one of the colors in your dress and pull it out with your belt. 

• Depending on the weather, you may or may not require any outerwear. However, the addition of a leather jacket, light trench coat, or even a fitted jacket or blazer will give your outfit a casual style that is both polished and chic. 


• A blazer makes your floral dress office and workplace ready, while a leather jacket offers an edgy look that grabs attention. Denim is also a favorite to pair with florals, because it is simple and versatile.

• If it is bright and bold, opt for subtle makeup and consider a seductive lip gloss pout. On the other hand, if your dress has a lighter print or softer floral patterns and hues, then take your makeup up a notch with a bold lipstick shade or soft smoky eyes to pull the look together.

• From a sleek ponytail to a messy bun to braids and weaves, floral dresses go with almost any type of hairstyle. There’s enough room to experiment.


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