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Firm provides gaming platforms for relaxation to enhance mental health

By Guardian Nigeria
02 April 2022   |   2:39 am
A way to help young adults and families unwind and relief stress is by indulging in recreational activities like gaming.

Hosts of the season four of Jackets and Sneakers event

A way to help young adults and families unwind and relief stress is by indulging in recreational activities like gaming.

To improve mental wellbeing and physical movements, having some free time off work is essential.

Gaming is believed to help improve one’s brain speed and activity because of some of the tasks involved in these games and also helps in the relaxation of the mind or to release emotional tension. While it is necessary to make ends meet to cater for one’s needs, research has revealed the importance of balancing work life and social life.

Concerned about the increase in the daily reports of depression and hysteria triggered by negativity in the society and the world, Chief Executive Officer and Convener of Padup, an event and gaming startup, Kennedy Adetayo, saw the need to host the season four of Jackets and Sneakers event.

This gaming programme, specifically tailored as an escape from the usual work mode, aims to promote better mental health among young adults.

Adetayo stated this at Ceracerni’s Art Hub in Lekki, area of Lagos. He described the initiative as a combination of tech with events and gaming that brings people together to have fun and network.

“People work way too hard, they need to unwind for the sake of their mental health. Break away from every form of work and try to loosen up, meet new people, network and have fun.

“Personally, I’ve been in the mental space where working so hard and having very little time for other things have affected my mental health and I’ve realised the only way to break out of it is to stay off work and meet people like you to discuss other things asides work, even if it’s for a brief moment,” says Adetayo.

He added that it is one of the reasons the initiative was created. Although its mission is to help people with their mental health, the entrepreneur and father is passionately concerned about women too.

“That’s why we are introducing the ones for mom because people don’t really talk about how much work women do whether they are in work spaces or at home.

“It causes different kinds of depression. If you can find a way to make them relax and take their minds off work to have fun, it will improve their mental health,” he explained.

At the event, the Chief Executive Officer, Ceracerni’s Art Hub, Sarah Sanni, supports the idea of maintaining a healthy mental health.”There should be a balance of work and fun in order to maintain a healthy mental health.”

Giving her reasons for introducing a game corner in her art hub, she cited the famous saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. There should be a healthy balance.

“As much as you work, you should take some time out to relax and just enjoy some of the moments either with family, colleagues or friends.”

While noting that the art space is also for stress-relieving, Sanni excitedly shared that corporate bodies come for team bonding and families visit for weekend experiences, too.

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