Sunday, 5th February 2023
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‘Fragrance of Praise’ opens youths eyes to joyful, godly music

Youths were thrilled to great excitement with melodious songs and soul-lifting lyrics at a musical concert titled 'Fragrance of Praise'

Caption: Praise Youth: Emeka Idike (left); Oluwaseun Shonaike; Convener, Ekenedilichukwu Agomuo and Priscilla Megwara at the Fragrance of Praise event.

Youths were thrilled to great excitement with melodious songs and soul-lifting lyrics at a musical concert titled ‘Fragrance of Praise’ organised to acquaint them with the way they can enjoy godly music and live a joyful and fulfilled life.

The event took place at Deeper life Bible Church Group Headquarters, Lawanson, Surulere, Lagos.

Speaking at the event, the Convener of the programme, Ekenedilichukwu Agomuo, said the programme was borne out of passion for the youth who are leaders of tomorrow.

“We know what is going on now in this dispensation in the area of what the youth term as music, how the devil is messing up their lives with some of them on drugs, believing that to be relevant with today’s music, you need to be high.

“What that translates to is that if this is allowed to continue, there would be no future for either the youth or the country because if their future is destroyed, the future of the country is equally destroyed,” she said.

Ekenedilichukwu further noted that if the youth should be invited to come and hear the Word of God or to attend a seminar, they might not come, hence the powerful influence of music was employed to open their eyes to godly music that would make them to be something in life and also assist them to actualise their dreams in line with the will of God.

She added that part of the aim was to equip them with the knowledge that they can compose the type of music that would make them to be useful to themselves, to their friends and to their parents, as well as to the society and that it would go a long way to stop wasting their time on the type of music that would not add value to their lives.

Ekenedilichukwu assured that the programme has come to stay which will continue to enlighten the youth, enable them to give their lives to Jesus, be saved, give them their future and make heaven which is the ultimate.

One of the organisers, Oluwaseun Sonaike, said they have employed the power of godly music to attract the youth with a view to getting their mind and pass on the message of righteousness.

“We started with praises in calm and solemn way that should reflect the kind of life they are supposed to live.

“We are making them to seek first the kingdom of God and not praises of the world and have tried as much as possible that the kind of music we displayed did not in any way aggravate the flesh as our focus is to pass on the message of righteousness.

“This is our first programme and would continue as we believe that this type of music is not just for the youth, but for the adult also,” he said.

Another co-organiser, Nwankwo Williams, said that music has a way of bringing down tension, while godly music would always open the door to knowing the true God.

He was sure of the impact of the programme on the youth that were present and expressed the belief that it would hold quarterly.