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From Game of Thrones to Woman of Steel, the show tradition continues


With a riveting final episode, the much followed Game of Thrones, a series on DStv’s Telemundo has been rested, However, the world seems bleak as avid followers of Telemundo series will have to wait for at least one year for the concluding season to be aired.

In a bid not to be magically force to hurry its filming process of everyone’s favourite fantasy tale, the producers of the series is bringing to the views of the large fans and followers, an alternative with just as much suspense, drama, and entertainment anyone would want from a show, a new series titled Woman of Steel.

The series, revolves around the life of a fearless and determined woman, Sara Aguilar, played by former Mexican beauty queen, Blanca Soto, who after her husband, Vicente Acero (Damián Alcázar) dies, leaves her to inherit his enemies.


What was supposed to be Sara’s happiest day in life was turned into mourning, when her wedding to Vicente is violently cut short, when an armed gang attacks, murdering the groom and exposing his secret life of crime, as well as the $3 million debt he leaves behind.

Coming off the shock of her beloved’s death and after being on the run from a drug kingpin that framed her for a murder she didn’t commit, Sara is now forced to transform from a jubilant bride into money laundering crime lord, and she soon became the most revered woman in the underworld. There are no holds barred as she intends to take revenge on all her enemies.

Motivated by love for her son, Sara is poised to unravel the puzzle of her husband’s double life, keep her son and herself alive without any money, and with a mysterious stranger watching from the shadows.

She seems to fail until fate intervenes, bringing her to Eliodoro Flores Tarso (Andrés Palacios), a married police agent, who agrees to protect and care for her. The pair becomes lovers, and as Elio teaches Sara about firearms and money laundering, he also helps her to develop the intuition that is so important to her staying alive.

With the president out to get her and some other crucial enemies in high places, Sara was eventually captured by the police and even though Manuel, her love interest, tried to take the fall for all her crimes, his gesture of love fell flat as Sara’s arrest was of utmost importance to the powers that be.

The new series is a turbulent tale of lost love, revenge, organised crime, and one woman’s determination not to give up when the odds are stacked against her. The second season opens with Sara in prison, waiting out her five-year sentence. When she receives news of a kidnapping of her only son, she attempts a prison break but fails and is sentenced to further 25 years in prison.

Some of the fans favourites, who are back to reprise their roles in the series with the inclusion of a couple of new faces and characters, all blending together to create stellar performances in the show are Litzy, Luis Resendez, Jorge Zarate, Aurora Gil, Andy Zuno, and Luciana Silveyra.

With a total of 75 episodes premiering every weekday at 9pm on DStv’s Telemundo (channel 118), the new episodes of Woman of Steel does well to create intimate scenes with class and taste all the while painting a compelling picture of the thin line between right and wrong and the stumbling blocks women who dominate in a predominantly man’s world are likely to face.

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