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From mouths on fire to garden experience, HMs trade blows to sway votes


Big Brother Housemates

The ongoing Big Brother Nigeria (BBNaija) reality show is getting more intensed by the day, as the unseen Big Brother (Biggie) is currently testing perseverance of the housemates. The show host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu described it as ‘the ultimate survival week’ for the tough.

Who would have thought that the fruit eaten often would be ta very difficult thing to do? Biggie informed them that they’d have to complete five extremely, tasking missions in order to win a series of awesome rewards.

Upon arriving in the arena, they found six tables with a large glass bowls full of large lemons. The objective was simple: ‘eat all 20 lemons in less than 30 minutes or fail the task!’ At the sound of the buzzer, the Housemates started peeling and munching away, but it wasn’t long before they began to feel the burn, wince, twitch and shake their bodies in agony.


Marvis and Bisola were the first to say their tongues had gone numb, while Debie-Rise contorted her body in bizzare ways because of the sharp sting of the sour fruit. Efe and Bisola made more progress than anyone else, managing to eat over 10 lemons each, but their efforts proved fruitless in the end, though Biggie awarded them seven points out of 10 for their valiant effort. Everyone rushed to go get water and rinse their mouths out as soon as they were done.

The Housemates had only started settling down when Biggie called them back to the arena for another gruelling challenge. As soon as they walked through the doors, they realised what awaited them, the dreaded rice bucket and chopsticks. Biggie gave them an hour to complete the task, but they only managed to get halfway before getting awarded six points.

As if that wasn’t daunting enough, Big Brother instructed the Housemates to grab a set of cutlery and head into the arena for their fourth task. By the time they got into the arena, the housemates caught a glimpse of the bowls laid out. Bisola immediately went berserk grabbing her head and cringing at the thought of feasting on the contents of the bowl.

With Biggie’s instruction on the rules of engagement over, the housemates removed the lids of their bowls and started feasting. They consoled and encouraged one another, saying the crawly creatures tasted just like ‘shinge’, a local delicacy of flying bugs that only come out when it rains.

“Na protein jooo” and “omo see protein” sounded like mantra from the housemates, as they kept eating the bugs..

With the bowls almost empty, Biggie called time to the task and asked HoH, Bisola how she felt the housemates had fared in the task. She scored her fellow housemates an eight out of the available 10, and after a short deliberation, Biggie awarded them eight points; bringing their accumulated total to 31.

Biggie had on day 67 of the show, joked that he wanted to let the housemates have ‘a nice experience of the garden’ before revealing that everyone had to pack all they needed to survive and head out to the courtyard for the rest of the day. They weren’t allowed back into the house except for brief, supervised bathroom breaks.

In frenzy they rushed to get blankets, drinks, water and every item of food that they could fit into their hands. At the sound of second buzzer, the housemate could be heard yelling to each other to grab random items they’d need. In that instant, two Ninjas swaggered into the House to kick them out and shut the door.

When the adrenaline started wearing off, Efe and TBoss immediately began to beg for a bathroom break, which the Ninjas graciously obliged, to do before long, everyone was outside, chatting and joking as one big group for the first time in a while.

Meanwhile, since Biggie gave the housemates the green light to conspire, there has been all manner of shade being thrown back and forth. On the one hand is ‘the fantastic four’, Bisola, Efe Marvis and Bally, as their fans have affectionately named them. On the other hand are BFFs, Debie-Rise and TBoss. Both sides are pulling all the stops to make sure they survive eviction this Sunday and their latest tactic is gossip.

‘The clique’ has made it a point to state that Debie-Rise and TBoss are manipulative and love to play the victims, as if they do no wrong. TBoss and Debie-Rise, however, think the fantastic four are rude bullies, who have excluded them and tried to get rid of them since day one.

Almost every conversation by both camps has hinged on these narratives and interestingly, it’s always followed by a campaign for votes. The pattern has played out so many times now that it’s clear they are are throwing each other under the bus to ‘tarnish’ their competitors rep and skew the votes in their favour.

Yes, everyone is guilty of mud slinging, the fantastic four again went for TBoss on Thursday morning but singing a different tune. They noted how she hoarded things that were meant to be for the entire House use.

“She put am for cupboard!” Efe said of TBoss hiding hair food that was meant for communal use. Bally accused her of doing the same thing with the nail polish remover, pocketing one of the two bottles and leaving the rest of the House to share the other. Bisola chimed in and called her wasteful before scoffing at the fact that she called herself exposed but did all sorts of uncultured things.

All fair in love and war; TBoss and Debie-Rise have taken their fair share of jabs at ‘the clique’ especially Efe, whom they practically called foolish for seeking out a relationship with Marvis. They both seem to think that Efe’s being completely manipulated by Marvis and that she’s his kryptonite.

Do you think an eviction in either camp will put an end to all the gossiping? Are you hating or loving it? It is certain Biggie’s got more in store for the housemates and we can’t wait to see what new, gruelling challenges the day presents.

On Sunday, Bassey became the eight contestant in the ongoing reality show to leave the BBNaija house. Viewers are blaming Tboss for his eviction. Bassey was one of four housemates nominated for eviction on Monday. The others were Bally, Debbie Rise and Tboss.

Bassey’s eviction stirred up social media, with many claiming that he should have learnt his lesson, before deciding to enjoy his arena game victory reward with TBoss. The theory is that all housemates, who have gotten close to TBoss before, ended up being booted out of the reality show.


Fans tweets on the matter:
#BBNaija @BBNaijaUpdates: Once you get close to Tboss…you go home…
We told you!!! You thought we were joking…#BBNaija #BBNaijaUpdates

Chidi Okereke @Chydee: ???? Bassey evicted???? Howwww???? I’m beginning to believe the foul-play gist I’ve been hearing about the #BBNaija organizers and TBoss

AURACOOL @TWEETORACLE: I knew this was the END of the road for BASSEY. He got it coming…Anyone that gets close to her gets evicted #BBNAIJA

Samuel and 86 others @kingx_samz: #bbnaija no Tboss fan shold come here and say Tboss is not a witch. She is a witch. The curse is real guys.

Ngonidzashe R Gondo @ngoni_gondo: #BBNaija I gotta say T-Boss is an expert assassin. Bassey down, let’s see who’s next #bbnaija

Isie @TheVixenPixie: You can’t tell me TBoss had higher votes than Bassey. This @BBNaija people Don begin they use Naija sense. We DONT want this TBoss#BBNaija

Big Fish Gee @GbemmyG: LMFAO they will blame Tboss for Bassey. He slept on her bed and they bathed together.


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