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3-Ws for 2020 gardening trends


Planting to attract precious pollinators and to repoel pests. Butterfly, bee insects on purple Dhlia flower<br />

Three major concerns seem to be the guiding force or philosophies driving gardening trends for 2020. They are gardening: for wildlife, wellbeing, and the world.

Gardening for Wildlife
Growing plants as a nectar and food source for wildlife encourage native birds and insects to thrive and increase. The more the built environment expands the more vital our gardens become. What is more, gardening for wildlife can also create magical spaces for humans. There is an undoubted trend towards plants that encourage wildlife and gardeners are going to use plants that produce berries, nectar and seed heads in their landscapes as food for birds and insects.


Gardening for Wellbeing
Increased emphasis on mental, as well as physical health has highlighted the proven benefits of being outside and reconnecting with nature. It is therapeutic. Gardening is a great way to disconnect from screens and find some genuine reality. Gardening is creative – you plant your own canvas. White flowering plants remain very popular, but a lot of fun can be had with colors in the garden so don’t rule anything out. It is your garden and should reflect your own tastes and personality.”


Gardening for the World
Gardeners are among some of the most environmentally conscious people I know, always on the lookout for green alternatives, committed composters and totally invested in doing their bit to save our planet. The industry is working hard to make sure plant pots are made of recycled material, which can in turn be recycled.

We have some of the best tropical and exotic plants in the world and you may be surprised just how many plants you’ll find are grown in your local garden center. Many very locally indeed, thus reducing plant miles. If there is one thing I think we could all do for our world fairly easily it is planting a tree. Trees are fantastic as a habitat and food source for wildlife and as a source of carbon capture. They also give structure and architecture to a garden.

There are trees for every size and shape of the garden, from a small palor palm in a pot on a balcony or a gorgeous flowering fruit trees like citruses, pawpaw, guava in a back garden, to royal palms, Ashoka, Mangos, Indian almonds fruit trees and pea for larger spaces. Plant one today and make our world a better place.


Hummingbird feeding nectar from red Helliconia flower

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