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Christmas trees and wedding bouquets

By Sereba Agiobu-Kemmer
19 December 2020   |   4:13 am
The Christmas season would always be marked with festivities and celebrations, no matter the prevailing circumstance. COVID-19 pandemic and all its deterrents cannot

The Christmas season would always be marked with festivities and celebrations, no matter the prevailing circumstance. COVID-19 pandemic and all its deterrents cannot blanket the air of good tidings, the mood of relief, the excitements and expectations to usher in a new year.

December is always a special month in the calendar and its traditions would remain. This December is unique in many ways. For one, December 2020 is marking the end of a leap year, as well as the end of a decade, giving way to January next year, the beginning of a new decade.

December is important in the social calendar for the many activities, such as weddings, family reunions, end of the year parties, in both corporate and non-corporate organisations and staff parties. The various community carnivals and jollities are staged during the December season.

How do you know the Yuletide season has arrived? It is heralded by many symbolic floral decorations:

Christmas Tree And Garlands
UNDOUBTEDLY, the Christmas tree is the most popular symbol of the season. It is decorated and could be placed as focal point indoors or outdoors in the gardens.

In cold regions where there is winter, evergreen conifer trees are popular. In our tropical region where nearly all trees are evergreen, any bushy shrubs or small trees can be used.

Christmas Garlands are simpler propositions. They are popular for their flexibility and are less costly than trees.
They can be fixed on surfaces or draped across windows, round pillars or post with or without decorative ornaments. They are equally used indoors or outdoors.

Centre Pieces
FLORAL pieces are created for the dining table. Miniature Christmas tree could be used because it is symbolic of the season. Other floral arrangements are equally in order.

Plants associated with the season include mistletoes, dried acorns, berries, fresh or dried poinsettia wreaths or bouquets.

Floral arrangements of fresh flowers associated with the season, like Amaryllis, Calla lilies, Epiphyllum cactus (Christmas Cactus), Poinsettia, can be included in the arrangement.

Epiphyllum cactus (Xmas Cactus) as centrepieces or in baskets or in tall pedestal designs are striking.

Bridal Floral Bouquets And Decorations
NO matter how scaled down the wedding party, the traditional bridal dress and train is never complete without its attendant floral decorations, which must include the bridal bouquet.

Other floral decorations may feature in her headdress and replicated in that of the bridesmaids.

Floral Boutonniere And Corsages
THE Groom and Groomsmen floral Boutonniere are worn on the lapels of the jackets/coats of the groom and groomsmen. These are miniature floral arrangements that may or may repeat flowers in the bridal bouquet, but certainly would have meanings symbolic of the season and occasion.

Others in the wedding party might equally wear floral decoration in their dresses, such as corsages, headdresses, etc.

Venues And Settings
REGARDLESS of whether the gathering of people is scaled down or not due to the necessary precautions to be taken because of the ongoing pandemic, venues, such as the church, reception halls, home, etc still have to be decorated to create the air of the celebrations, festivities and jollity.

As much as we celebrate, let us not forget to keep safe. Please observe the rules of social (physical) distancing, wearing facemasks, washing of hands and/or using hand sanitisers.

As much as we have occasions we want to celebrate, let us keep it in mind, this December is different and everything as much as possible must be done in moderation and sobriety.

Observe all the rules meant for us to stay safe and stay alive. Wishing us all God’s blessings of a Merry Christmas (not forgetting the reason for the season- Jesus Christ) and a Happy New Year.