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Indoor plants with large, lush leaves

By Sereba Agiobu-Kemmer
24 April 2021   |   3:23 am
That lonely corner in your house, it’s begging for a good, big leaf houseplant to perk things up and transform the area into an oxygen-providing oasis.

Hosta shade loving and for indirect light

That lonely corner in your house, it’s begging for a good, big leaf houseplant to perk things up and transform the area into an oxygen-providing oasis. But first and foremost, when choosing houseplants, especially big-leafed plants, a good percentage of these plants would do well in bright, indirect light.

The plant should be situated near, but not in front of the window, to prevent scorched leaves, and rotating the plant a quarter turn weekly would ensure all sides receive adequate light.

Discover big leaf plants that you should consider to green up your living space.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant
THE awe-inspiring, statement-fiddle leaf fig plant produces the most attractive leaves shaped like a violin. Its big leaves stretch up to 15-inches long and 10-inches-wide, and can really draw some tropical flair into your home.

To give your personal fiddle leaf fig the TLC it needs and deserves, make sure to place your plant in front of an unobstructed window that would receive direct sunshine.

Lady Palm Is An Elegant (Parlour) Palm
THE lady palm is an elegant, slow-growing palm well adapted to indoor growth that also happens to help with purifying and filtering the air.

Lady palms prefer bright, indirect light, as too much unfiltered sun can cause leaf burn. Because lady palms are slow growing, it is important to check moisture levels prior to watering. Water only when the top two inches of the soil are dry.

Triangle Ficus
IF you are a new plant parent and you need a beautiful big leaf plant that doesn’t require huge amounts of work, consider the Triangle Ficus.

The impressive, heart-shaped green leaves, with stunning off-white outlines near the edges, are shapable for your particular spaces. They love a ton of indirect light, but direct light can damage the leaves, so it is best to keep them near well-lit areas without actually placing them in direct sunlight, and a standard potting soil mixed with common garden soil.

NATIVE of Northeast Asia, the Hostas is shade tolerant and grows as a brilliant emerald green to silvery blue colour leaves.
Prop your plant in that shady corner of your house and plant them in rich organic soil with a slightly acidic pH.

Cast Iron Plant
THE large green leaves of the cast iron plant would be best placed in a visible space in your living room, dining or sitting room, as it can grow up to three feet tall.

Place in a location with low to moderate light and avoid placing it in direct sunlight. It is a hardy, low-maintenance plant that would tolerate many environmental conditions.

Calathea Plant
AN eye-catcher known for its purifying effect, the calathea plant contributes to a healthier indoor climate. It needs only indirect sun to protect and keep its large foliage or leaves.

While they can grow flowers indoors, they usually don’t bloom. To care for your Calathea, place in indirect sunlight and keep the soil damp at all times.

When you have a busy life, a low-maintenance plant is what you need for your space. The Swiss cheese plant favours a warm environment and creates a gorgeous corner in your house, being that it is a climbing shrub with lush, glossy heart leaves.
This plant likes moderate indoor temperatures with high humidity.

Corn Plant
ONE of the oldest houseplants, in terms of domestic popularity, is the corn plant, which has been beloved since the mid-1800s. For those small apartments or tight spaces, choose the corn plant for its tall and narrow structure that reaches around four to six feet tall in containers. This indoor plant grows well with full shade of sun and doesn’t need a lot of water that would cause yellowing of the leaves.