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Valentine’s day exotic tropical for romance

By Sereba Agiobu-Kemmer
13 February 2021   |   2:22 am
People, who don’t want to be clinche want something different from the traditional roses and also want their gift to be unique and fun and can look into the floral world and flowers.

Arrangement of cut tropical designs

People, who don’t want to be clinche want something different from the traditional roses and also want their gift to be unique and fun and can look into the floral world and flowers.

Nothing is more in trend for the season now than the fascinating foliage and flowers of tropical plants. Even as cut vase arrangements, they last longer (three days to three weeks). Will you dare to be difference and spread the love with live plants?

You cannot go wrong with a bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s Day, but it is always a little sad to see them shrivel and die so soon (usually less than two weeks). Instead of a one-and-done vase of fresh blooms, you can express your love in a more everlasting way with tropical houseplants. You can go a step further to pick plants with heart-shaped flowers and foliage.

Unlike a bouquet of flowers, indoor tropical plants would keep on growing, just like your affection, and continue to remind the recipient of your love year-round.

As they grow, your special someone would continue to enjoy through the weeks, months and even years ahead, because they bring love, beauty and blooming romance into their everyday space long after the chocolates and champagne are gone.

These examples may not be as traditional as a bunch of cut flowers, but they are more exciting, innovative and some have heart-shaped leaves and flowers that make them every bit as romantic.

BE bold. The Anthurium, with its flowers, is an embodiment of luxury and romance and symbolises hospitality and good luck. There is so much to love about Anthurium, appropriately named Allora, as it not only has heart-shaped leaves, but also heart-shaped bloomed and even comes in bright red.

Mother Nature is such a romantic, is she not? The waxy blooms are made up of a heart-shaped spandex, a kind of modified leaf that surrounds a flower cluster and distinctly can-find varieties with pink, white and even purple flower. Bright, indirect light would produce the best blooms, but even without flowers, the leave would still look beautiful all by themselves.

Potted in decorative pot, the Anthurium would brighten any spot in the house and can be moved to any shaded area outdoors. Love continues year-round with its beautiful display of foliage and blooms.

Cacti And Succulents
AN arrangement of an assortment of cacti and succulents displaying various textures shapes and shades of green and other colours planted together to create a mini-tropical garden in stylish containers would win hearts.

They could be planted singly as accent pieces and presented in modern contains designs popular for the season the sweetheart plant or Valentine’s hoya (Hoya Kerri).

If you really want to impress your significant other and let him/her know how you feel about them all in one go, then sweetheart hoya is probably the cutest way to do so. With its nickname as the Valentine plant, it is almost as though the waxy heart-shaped succulent was made for all this holiday.

Is your partner all about things that are quickly and cute? Then, there is no question that they would absolutely love a sweetheart plant or a hoya heart in their very own home. It is a classic gift choice, small, but perfectly formed and with an unmistaken message of love. And they are as indestructible as house plants come, provided you don’t drown it with over watering.

Hoya heart is perfect for all your plants loving Valentines. Even beginners’ plant would be successful with this easy to grow. Plant potted draped with a “Love Balloon” would be a perfect gift for home or office.

Pitcher Plants
IF you and your Valentine are the types that took front row cinema tickers to a horror movie, rather than the latest romcom, a carnivorous plant is an offbeat gift option.

‘Nepenthes Bloody Mary,’ for instance, is a compact hybrid pitcher plant with cute little scarlet pitchers. Give it rainwater and sunlight and it would catch a few flies for you along the way.

Bird of paradise (Strelitzia reginea)
IF your loved one is not a fan of red blooms, consider something orange, dark, purple and spiky. Strelitzia reginea, the bird of paradise, is a showstopper of a houseplant that has the advantage of being an indoor-outdoor plant in the garden or on the patio, adding an exotic edge wherever it goes.

It symbolises joyfulness, freedom, faithfulness, love and thoughtfulness, making it the perfect romantic gift.
It is not as hard to care for as it looks; just give it lots of lights and a cool spot all the year round. Plants fill your home and office/works space with life and beauty. Let your loved ones know your love grows every day.

From showy blooms and fabulous foliage tropical plants (which there are thousands species) are ideal alternatives to the humdrum, short-lived, perfume-less bouquet of a dozen red roses. So, branch out this Valentine’s season by giving tropicals for blooming romance, whatever your style.