Thursday, 18th August 2022
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Godson Umeh, passionate jeweller

Godson Umeh, CEO, GodsonThePlug is a hardworking, focused and consistent young man. Born and raised in Reading, United Kingdom...

Godson Umeh, CEO, GodsonThePlug is a hardworking, focused and consistent young man. Born and raised in Reading, United Kingdom, Godson has always been one of those young men who knew from a very young age what he wanted to do.

He is the second eldest of four. At the age of 19, he thought it was time for him to try other things he had always had a passion for; this informed his decision to quit school.

At a young age, Godson had already started reselling footwear and clothes. In fact, he sold everything and anything you could ever want and at that time, his customers were just his young friends and school mates. Anybody who wanted anything asked Godson. Soon enough, the idea stuck and the brand name, ‘GodsonThePlug’ was birthed.

After selling a wide array of fashion pieces to his friends up until he quit school, Godson finally established his own business at 19. His business focuses on creating fashion pieces that will blow the minds of people all over the world.

He creates custom pendants and rings for his clients. When asked the reason for deciding to deal in custom pendants and rings, Godson noted that he is a fashion person and loves jewelries. According to him, no outfit is ever complete without jewelries and just like icing on the cake, jewelries complete a person’s looks, making them stand out.

Godson confessed that his main goal is to satisfy his customers as he intends to be the Midas touch for every single piece of jewellery he touches. According to him, no one is ever fully dressed without a piece of accessory.

He said; “I definitely have bigger plans for my brand. I have plans on going global especially in the United States, Nigeria and other fashion trending parts of the world. You’re never fully dressed without a piece of accessory here and there. Rings and pendants or chains bring out the beauty and coolness of an outfit. Michael kors said “I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of an outfit”. Whatever you wear, what catches the eye of most people to that outfit are the accessories- the rings, necklace, pendants or chains”.

Being who he is, Godson is a risk taker. To him, no matter how risky it is, all that comes out of every risky adventure are lessons, no regrets. Before delving into jewellery making, he used to play football. He had a short history with the world of football but decided to take a hike when it didn’t work out for him.

Clients who have worked with him in the past stick with him because besides selling quality fashion pieces, he also has an amazing customer care service culture that endears him to his clients so much that they keep coming back for more.

He has worked with the likes of Raheem Sterling of Manchester City Football Club, Zlatan, CEO of ZANKU Records, Darkoo and Konan of rap duo, Krept and Konan.

Godson hopes that in the next 5 years, his brand will be one of the biggest and most sought after jewelry brands in the world. He advices every entrepreneur to keep striving, because the end of the tunnel is brighter than the road leading to it.