Thursday, 7th December 2023

Hardest part was knowing we couldn’t smile, cast of LOL: Last One Laughing reveal

By Daniel Anazia
15 July 2023   |   4:02 am
Global streaming giant, Prime Video yesterday hit the screen with its first unscripted African original, Last One Laughing Naija (LOL)

Buchi (left), Dat Warri Girl, Taaooma, Basketmouth, Wangi Mba-Uzoukwu, Ned Mitchell and IGoSave at the media briefing for the show held in Lagos recently

Yesterday, global streaming giant, Prime Video launched its very first unscripted African Original, LOL: Last One Laughing Naija.

Hosted by Nigeria’s king of comedy, Basketmouth, the six-part series is a unique, unpredictable, unscripted comedy, which follows the successful adaptation of Prime Video’s global smash-hit comedy franchise currently produced in over 20 countries. The all-star lineup of comedians includes Okey Bakassi, Acapella, Sabinus, KieKie, Buchi, Dat Warri Girl, Taaooma, Senator, IGoSave, and Gandoki.

Speaking exclusively with The Guardian, Senator said it took him some time to resolve the show’s concept and he was worried how he survived it with so many talented people under the same roof. “I know most of the cast and how crazy they can be.”
Content creator, Taaoma, said she did not have any tactic going in but almost cracked when Aki and Pawpaw were introduced into the house. “It is an exciting show and I didn’t know how it would pan out but it came out well and I was laughing all through. I remember everything we did but it was still so funny to watch. Also, this is the first of its kind in Nigeria so it is a big deal. When we were shooting, we couldn’t laugh and it seemed boring to me then and I wondered if it would be funny to viewers but after this premier, I can say it is a must-watch.”

Buchi said he does not like watching himself on TV so it was a lot of pressure to watch, “but I can say confidently that we (the casts) were laughing from start to finish and I can only imagine how funny it would be to viewers.”

For IGoSave, the hardest part was knowing he couldn’t even smile. “I had to hold myself from laughing because I knew it was a game and if I laughed, I was going out. So, I laughed inside me but it was very hard for me to hold myself back.” He added that he didn’t come prepared with any jokes even though they were told beforehand by producers that they were going to do gags and so they prepared for that. “I didn’t know what I was going to say, everything I said and did was completely spontaneous and made up on the spur of the moment. I just responded to what people were saying.”

Taaoma said she didn’t prepare either aside from the gags. “I prepared a few gags but when I got it and saw the people that were there, I just knew the gags were useless. My gags made sense at home but when I got there, I knew they were futile and would only make me laugh so I left them alone. Buchi made me get my first strike in the house. I ‘fasted and prayed’ but as you would see, I still got another strike,” she revealed.

Given the opportunity, the trio said it is something they want to do again. Adding that it was a great start for the comedy scene, Buchi said he hopes Nigerians fall in love with the show and its concept as that was the only way it could keep going. “I want to sit back and watch others do something like this. This is the first of its kind so it would not be out of place for criticisms to follow but I want to see a new set of people do it after us.”

Revealing that they all met at the house and didn’t know who they were going to meet, Buchi said he came in with his A game, determined to enjoy himself to the fullest. “You would see a lot of your favourite comedians in a different light. I think the fact that the money is going to a charity also took away the weight of expectation in a way. I just decided to go in, have fun and entertain viewers. This is my first reality show experience and it was with Prime; I loved every second working with them and it was totally professional from start to finish.”

“I loved working with Prime Video, it was a nice experience and I look forward to new experiences with them,” Taaoma said.

IGoSave also said it was his first reality show experience and it was a great experience for him. “Everything was so organised and detailed; it was a first-class production and I would love to work with them again. I have always wished for something like this and I’m proud to be a part of this. I had fun and I want people to look out for craziness throughout the show,” he said.

The winner of the show would ‘win’ 40 million Naira and would donate all the money to a select charity that was picked beforehand.