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Hot gets hotter in Big Brother Naija Level Up house

By Guardian Nigeria
13 August 2022   |   3:21 am
From a slow start, things are getting hotter in the Big Brother Naija Level Up, with different houses, different levels, and a weekly abundance of twists.

From a slow start, things are getting hotter in the Big Brother Naija Level Up, with different houses, different levels, and a weekly abundance of twists. Only about two weeks into the 72-day-long season, the housemates have surpassed expectations and awakened an excited buzz across social media among viewers.

During the first wager task, just 24 hours after a previous twist concerning parties and winning HOH games, Biggie landed viewers and housemates one more surprise. He announced that the housemates in the different levels would have to compete against each other to decide which house gets to earn pocket Naira for weekly shopping.

The Level 1 housemates (nicknamed Islanders) lost badly to the Level 2 housemates (nicknamed mainlanders). This loss started several small arguments and fights in the Level 1 house, but also awakened a fire in them to win.

They won the second wager and retained a winning streak until they lost the Knorr task to Level 2.

Both teams now know for a fact that they have a lot riding on whether or not they win the third wager task this Friday. It will determine their week and whether or not they’ll have enough to live their best lives until the next wager task.

Meanwhile, housemate, Beauty, has been disqualified from the show following double infringements of Big Brother’s rules, which earned her a double strike. Big Brother announced the disqualification on Sunday, August 7, 2022, after playing a few clips of Beauty clearly breaking the rules for the housemates and viewers to see.
After the usual weekend party on Saturday night, Beauty had gotten rather upset at Groovy for the second Saturday in a row and went on a tirade. Her grouse with Groovy went on for about an hour despite several housemates trying and failing to calm her down. She flung her wig at Groovy and also destroyed his microphone during her tirade, eaarning herself a double strike.
Before her double strike this Sunday, Beauty received a first strike from Big Brother for aggressive behaviour last week. In the middle of an argument with Groovy about dancing with other girls, she turned on Ilebaye, who was trying to calm her down and eventually yanked off the 21-year-old’s hat and wig.

Her previous strike and the double strike she received last Sunday make it three strikes from Big Brother. According to the Big Brother Naija rule, any housemate who receives three strikes automatically receives a disqualification and must leave the house immediately.
The disqualification makes Beauty Tukura the first housemate to be disqualified from the Big Brother Naija Level Up house. She is also the first housemate in BBNaija history to be disqualified only two weeks into the show. Despite her house level losing the head of house games on Monday, Beauty was not up for eviction this week.
The first eviction night came with double evictions and two new surprises. Before the host, Ebuka got into the eviction business, the audience got the night’s first surprise by introducing two new housemates, Rachel and Chizzy.

Rachel hails from Edo State and shared that she has a complicated nature, as she can be a mother and baby at heart. She also shared that she isn’t a woman of many words but is ready to play the game.

The second new housemate, Chizzy, who hails from Anambra State, said he was entering the house to shake things up. He also shared that the housemates would love him as he is very likeable.

The two housemates are what Ebuka described as ‘Riders’. They will serve as Biggie’s agents in the house, spicing up things and participating in all activities in the house without ever getting evicted. They will be in the house till the show’s end.

It was a heavy night for Level 2 housemates as five of them were up for eviction, coupled with the fact that Beauty Tukura had gotten disqualified some minutes before the show for multiple infringements of the house rules.

The first housemate to be evicted from the show was Christy O, who was followed shortly by Cyph. In the post-eviction interview with Ebuka, Cyph said he would return to his previous plans before coming to the show and use the platform the show has given him to further his plans. Unfortunately, Christy O didn’t get to share her plans, as Ebuka told the audience that she wasn’t in a good place to talk.

Once again, Big Brother showed that viewers could never truly anticipate his moves, as it appears he always has surprises up his sleeves.

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