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‘How the environment influences our sound,’ Playaz

Fast-rising and prolific talented acts Gabana Playaz ( Isaac Obasuyi) and Lynox Playaz ( Adindu Linus Nnamdi ) popularly...

Fast-rising and prolific talented acts Gabana Playaz ( Isaac Obasuyi) and Lynox Playaz ( Adindu Linus Nnamdi ) popularly known as Playaz have revealed how the environment is a major key that influences their sound.

The duo announced their emergence on the music scene in 2019 with the successful popular slang MAD OH which gave them a huge leverage in the music industry and followed up with another smash hit for the ladies SHOW DEM .

Playaz got everybody’s attention with the viral songs Mad oh and Show dem, however the huge success of both singles have aided their existence in the Nigerian music industry .

Mad oh remix featuring Zlatan Ibile is debuted off PLAYAZ debut Extended Play. “PLAYSOUND”
Following the validating reception of both singles, PLAYAZ shared the PlaySound EP contained other songs like I wonder , Color, and Fenty which to be released any moment from now to rudder-stamped the endorsement of their talent.

On what went into the making of Mad oh and Show Dem , which has become one of the biggest jams on the airwave, PLAYAZ said: “MAD OH was literally a vibe after a collaborative Ep with former Five star artiste XBUSTA , we decided to put up a vibe which was more like not too serious vibe so we’re glad for the growth.

“We made Mad oh as a freestyle but it turned out to be everybody’s favorite and a trendy slang. Like I said, it was inspired by just a vibe and freestyle.”

So far, the song Mad oh has garnered more than 2 million streams on all streaming platforms giving the singer the Duo PLAYAZ promising good start.

The duo PLAYAZ Gabana Playaz ( Isaac Obasuyi and Adindu Linus Nnamdi) Lynox Playaz both Born into a family with deep musical roots in. Gabana Playaz was an outstanding drummer in his early teens and also majored into the guitar which he played a significant role in the church choir .

Lynox Playaz father, a percussionist and also a traditional Dancer, which was great influence to his music style .

PLAYAZ have a blend of Afro-fusion, a blend of Afrobeat and Afro Dance.

As a gifted artiste with an uncanny ability to exist in his space, even when circling around the afro-fusion tag that has seen a recent rise in adaptability, the promising duo PLAYAZ left many music buffs to tip them up to be nominated in Scream Award as best new artiste in 2020 .

Speaking on career trajectory, PLAYAZ said: “We started out together to work as a duo in 2016 as song writer and also producer. Working with a lot of prominent artiste in the Music scene , I think that’s where the whole thing comes from, to be able to manage our own craft and also locate a distinct sound”.

“Our sound is afro-fusion and Afro Dance , but We don’t like being boxed in some type of way; We’re not that kind of artiste. There are so many influences to our music,” Our environment is also a major key role .

On how the viral epidemic COVID-19 has been a major decline change in the regularly scheduled program, PLAYAZ said: “In as much as we are business conscious with the music but I know for sure our team puts the business out there and they make sure we get the music available for everyone.”

PLAYAZ who is currently managed by Dre Cesar management , which song and slang was used by the fanous American female rapper Cardi-B , reacting to the development, the duo said “ That gave the song Mad oh and slang a huge acceptance in the music scene . All we are very grateful for the acceptance.

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