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How the rich attract wealth – Part 2

By Bayo Ogunmupe
05 October 2019   |   3:36 am
Today, I am starting with the third law of wealth attraction. A huge reason why people aren't able to attract wealth is that they don't understand the purpose of how and why they want to become rich.

Today, I am starting with the third law of wealth attraction. A huge reason why people aren’t able to attract wealth is that they don’t understand the purpose of how and why they want to become rich. They wander through life without direction. They spend most of their lives in misery. To forge ahead, therefore, you need to have A purpose in life.

The law of purpose says that if you find your purpose, you can manifest wealth, success and happiness. Without a sense of purpose it is impossible to be happy. It is in the pursuit of your purpose that you gain happiness and wealth. If even you become rich, without any purpose, you cannot attain happiness.

In the course of my life as a journalist, I have known many rich people but who are hollow and miserable. This is because they lack a sense of who they are and their place in the world. When you have a purpose, your power to attract wealth is even stronger; because you are able to focus on your goal.

This leads us to the fourth law of attraction, the law of abundance. Many people are scared of asking for great wealth because they believe abundance has limits. This is an error. They need to jettison their mentality. Our universe is a world of abundance. There are no limits to wealth, happiness, jobs and opportunities in the universe. The law of abundance states that ‘there is limitless abundance in the universe.’ You alone can short-change yourself by your scarcity mentality.

Once you believe in abundance, you can manifest your dreams through the law of attraction. The law of attraction can only attract to you what you believe. With an abundance mentality, you see opportunities everywhere. But before adopting an abundance mentality, you must have been carrying the baggage of ‘scarcity’ mentality. You carry resentments for mistakes of the past; grudges against people you no longer remember. To enable you to adopt an abundance mentality, you have to forgive yourself for such past mistakes.

That brings us to the fifth law, the Law of Forgiveness. This law states that in order to make progress, you need to let go of the past. You must forgo all the negativity of the past. You must forgive yourself. Mistakes are parts of the learning process. They are necessary for our own development and growth.

The Law of Gratitude is the sixth law of wealth attraction. You cannot ask for more than you are until you are able to show gratitude to Jehovah for what you have now. This is why the Law of Gratitude says in order for us to be happy, we must be grateful for everything the universe has provided for us right now. But you must be grateful. You have more than most people have for millenniums. You are in the richest age in human history, with access to medicine, soap, clothing and the Internet. These are the things you should be grateful for. Then, before asking for more, learn to enjoy what you already have. As you progress, the universe will continue to reward you.

The last of the laws of wealth attraction is the Law of Compensation. This law tells us that what you get out of this universe is directly correlated to what you put into it. Even as a follower of the Rosicrucian Order, their cardinal principle is the law of Compensation. They teach that you cannot get something for anything. That even by fluke if you got some manna from heaven, you have to pay by working for it. That is why karma is inexorable. You cannot reap where you did not sow. Even then, your reward isn’t immediate. You may be putting in the work for years before anything shifts and you start reaping your reward. More so, if you continue to tread the path of rectitude, doing the right things, you will see positive changes appearing in your life.

We call it karma, call it what you will, you only get as much as you put into life. By being generous, willing to help others and kind you are sowing the seeds of greatness for yourself. In the circumstance, the universe will always provide for you. The forgoing are the laws of wealth attraction that will take you to the next level of prosperity and abundance.

If you put these laws into practice, I guarantee you are going to see amazing results. The law of abundance says there is plenty to go round. Humanity can never exhaust the plenitude of the universe. Only the lifespan of humans is limited, abundance has no limit. You can only be as rich as you can imagine.

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