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How To Spend This Year’s Boxing Day


Yuletide-TRADITIONALLY, Boxing Day is the day you open your Christmas gifts. However, it is not everybody who opens them on this day; the truth would be that on Christmas morning, you have eagerly torn through the wrapping paper, whooping with joy at the contents; you may also have worked gingerly through that package and chosen to hide your disappointment with a smile because as kind hearted and generous as he is, he never seems to get his gifting right. It is not unheard of that some postpone the unwrapping business until whenever because Johnny’s gift is so predictable and never what you expect or want; so they leave them unopened in the spirit of Christmas.

Another reason that Boxing Day is hardly what it suggests is that many people see that day as their free day; the day they have for themselves after preparations leading to the 25th; they may therefore choose to visit family and friends or playing at the beach. Our people too may have plans to spend the day with us because they have not seen us in a long time-since the last Christmas or even longer. It is normal and in the spread of love and Goodwill that is the Christmas festival.

However, 2015 is different and we suggest that you should swing with the holiday mood, enjoy yourself this Saturday If you have the means, pamper yourself in a good hotel; let the wind of change go blow somewhere, not on your doorstep; unless for the better of your relationship; you have worked for it; party like wonyosi days if you want to.

We would not persuade you to change your mind though if you want to stay quietly home which we can understand going by this one fact alone. In 2014, your Christmas spending was backed by a heavy package and bonus from your employers. This year, however you are in private business and do not feel that you should celebrate with spending so soon; what you desire therefore is a truly restful period. In fact, we have a few suggestions on how to enjoy it quietly at home; just the two of you.

Make Love
We do not mean that type of love; we say the type that spreads goodwill to all mankind. It would therefore be that you engage in what makes you happy; in thinking about how to put your new business on a solid ground, you have put your relationship to the background to build the business; so use this period to make up what is lost. Read those books, she should read funny passages aloud to make the mood light. There are hilarious movies on TV, watch briefly, do not make television a major focus.

Gossip, talk about your friends; talk with fondness those whom you like then follow up with a hearty phone call to them. For those who have not impressed you at all, tear them to pieces with your mouths; remember, you discuss with each other so be frank and say what those friends do to annoy you. Talk about them; end it with a long hiss if it makes you feel better.

It is possible that some friends have been drawn to the peaceful and contented aura around you and have come to spend the Christmas with you. On the 26th, quietly inform them that you would rather be alone-you have made the arrangement for the children to be out with Auntie, Grandma or uncle who is quite happy to have them around. For those friends who invite you over to spend the day with them, you may explain that it is the only time that the two of you have to spend together. Thank them for their invite anyway.

But remember that you want to relax, so think of people who see the funny side of things- people who are like you. In the past, you have spent the holidays abroad, but now, you cannot say where your business would be in 2016. You could do well to invite them or visit with them to spend the day not to reminisce or moan, but to laugh and hope; hope; which Christmas stands for takes care of everything. Be Merry, Be of Good Cheer.

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