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I Am In A Confused State


black-man-woman-fightingI AM a 30-year-old guy and this lady in question is 26. We have actually dated for six years and suddenly I discovered that she was actually seeing someone else, to the extent that she has actually agreed to marry the guy.

I was so mad that I hit her and she actually hit me back and told me she wasn’t ready to suffer and that this man in question is wealthy, but that she doesn’t love him.

I asked her why after spending five years and more with her, she decided to accept a proposal from another man.
This is a lady that we had been together when things were a bit rosy. She even advised me not to do any funny and against the will of God when things started getting difficult and I also found out that she been visiting this man for some days.

When I happened to speak with the man on phone that was actually seeing my fiancée, he said she never told him about me and that she had even come to visit him and they had made arrangements to see her guardian.

Now, the annoying part of it is that how she could have done a such thing under my nose at a period I had already bought an engagement ring? A woman I sacrificed a lot for, a woman who virtually knew everything about me, knew my family very well, as they knew her too? She was very encouraging and very respectful.

When asked, she could not point at any genuine reason, except that she wants to explore. I reminded her that if I thought the same way, I wouldn’t have stayed with her that long and that denied myself so many things so we could be in the same pace.

I am really confused now. I really love her, but I don’t know what she has in mind. Does it make sense if I keep persuading her to marry me, knowing fully well that she has betrayed our trust and even cheated on me?

On the other hand, I don’t know if she would want to marry me, and even if she would, would it be advisable for me to marry her? Would she change?
– Michael
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