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I believe in possibilities and put out music for everyone to relate with – Kenehimself

Kenehimself believes that he lives to create. He started making music at a young age, wrote his first verse when he was 11. When he turned

Kenehimself believes that he lives to create. He started making music at a young age, wrote his first verse when he was 11. When he turned 17, he started producing records.


In 2011, Kenehimself released his debut single and since then he has chosen this path to keep walking in the direction of making music to inspire. While he grew up in a music-loving family with his mom who writes poems and music alongside his late father, who finds pleasure listening to a variety of genres, Kene, recounts being influenced by his parents in those good old days. However, he also affirmed listening to acts like Michael Jackson, James Brown, and others at the time.

Kenehimself has a long list of musical influences, idols, and creators he’d love to work with from the American well of hip-hop creators, including Kanye West, Jay Z, Pusha T, Royce Da 5’9′, and more. While he look up to Nigerian talents and creators like Phyno, Zorro, Ice Prince, Don Jazzy, Ladi Poe, Morell, and Illbliss.

Kene’s purpose for making music is lucid as he feels so attached to his gift of creating which he has become intentional with when making his music. This became more evident lately after the loss of his father when he released his most recent single titled, 35, which x-rays his current state and experience as a creator. “I want people to connect with me on a personal level.” He said, “It was one of my toughest times making this music at the time.”

According to Kenehimself, he is focused on uplifting and inspiring listeners, however, he also believes that everyone’s purpose is connected which doubles his belief that with hard work and consistently putting out music he’d be on the pedestal wheeling out as an inspiration to someone out there.


Meanwhile, the creative process for Kenehimself is seamless. In his words, “Creative process is fun. I’ve got over 2000 voice recordings on my phone. Ideas just pop in my head and I simply work with that” He said, “When I get the ideas I make out time to sit down and create a song out of them. I also produce all my songs.”

Kenehimself believes in his journey that he attached every possibility with it saying it doesn’t matter the kind of music anyone creates, however, self-belief, determination ad hard work is what matters most. Meanwhile, for Kenehimself he makes music to inspire. Recently he released a track titled ’35’, which unravels his current state of mind alongside leaving every listener to relate with it, he calls the record therapeutic.

While Kenehimself has also released a range of records from the year earlier, the likes of ‘Bad Boy From Port-Harcourt’ featuring King Stunna alongside a bold visual experience directed by himself, Maverick Media and Pro black. He also put out ‘Demeanor’, alongside ‘Don’t Let The Devil Use’ the same year. He has more songs also, but currently, he looks forward to making music that would relate to everyone. His father’s loss has shaped his perspective to accept every responsibility as well as take life easy. While he also looks forward to making music with Ajebohustlers, soon.