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I don’t feel guilty


Endie Model, Princess of Love

Endie Model, Princess of Love

My husband was out of the country for a business course for over two months and a very good friend of ours (who also works with my husband, but in a different department) happened to be on leave during this period.

So, most of the time, we happened to hang out a lot and he helped me a lot with some domestic things, especially during my husband’s absence.

This guy and I have always had a fun, flirty relationship that was always very harmless; hence he is a good friend with both my husband and I.

We ended up watching a movie one night and he confessed he wanted to snuggle in my lap, and it seemed harmless.

Then one thing turned into another, etc. It happened three times and we spent more time just hanging out in between.

I adore him and don’t want it to affect our friendship, but I cannot stop thinking about him and I miss him not being around so much.

But not in the same way as my husband, who I am very much in love with and with whom I have had had a wonderful life and have been together for four years now, without a kid yet.

I know it is a very wrong thing I have done, but at times, I don’t feel guilty. I don’t know why.

That is why I am seeking an advice. Please, don’t judge me.

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