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I feel I was a threat to housemates, Big Brother’s Kaisha says

Last Sunday, Kaisha became the fifth housemate to be evicted from the Betway sponsored Big Brother Naija Lockdown house. She recently embarked on a media tour of radio stations in Lagos

Kaisha of Big Brother

Last Sunday, Kaisha became the fifth housemate to be evicted from the Betway sponsored Big Brother Naija Lockdown house. She recently embarked on a media tour of radio stations in Lagos where she discussed her experiences in the house and plans for the future.

Due to her stilted relationship with the housemates, some viewers were surprised that Kaisha managed to scale past the first set of evictions, and how the housemates saved her during the second Eviction Night. Kaisha managed to spend four weeks in Big Brother’s house, which is no small feat. Still, her eviction came as no surprise to viewers.

Kaisha explained that her eviction did not catch her by surprise either because she believed the other BBNaija housemates did not like her.

She addressed her first BBNaija Diary Session where she broke down and cried as she complained about the other housemates being fake. She said that her expectations about being in the house were very different from the reality she experienced there.

“At a point I was bothered because I wanted to be understood but the housemates didn’t want to understand me.”

At the last party, it seemed as though there was some sort of chemistry between Kaisha and Neo, but she corrected everyone on that score – Neo was the first person in the house who made an effort to get to know her, so she likes him, but has no romantic feelings for him.

Despite being evicted, Kaisha says if she could go back to the house, she would not change anything, but would go on being her usual self. In her opinion, this might have been why she got booted out of the house – she was being herself and the housemates saw her as a threat to get rid of.

“They can’t stand the heat and they had to let me go… If I had one more week in the house, I would have won the show.”

About the housemates she left behind in the BBNaija Lockdown house, Kaisha thinks most of the romantic relationships are not real but are only strategies to win the show. She also said that Erica was choosing Kiddwaya over Laycon because he was more financially buoyant.
When asked which housemate would win the show, Kaisha said she would be betting on Dorathy because she was being her authentic self. Kaisha is grateful to the organisers of Big Brother Naija for the opportunity given to her, but now that she’s out of the house, she plans to continue her education, grow her skincare business, and delve into the world of entertainment.  

This week, Kiddwaya beat the other BBNaija housemates to win the Head of House title, choosing Tolanibaj to be his deputy. Both housemates automatically gain immunity from the next round of evictions as well as enjoy exclusive access to the Head of House lounge for the week.

For the first time since the start of the games, Big Brother announced that both the HoH and DHoH would get to invite one guest each into the Head of House luxury lounge per week. The guests can spend as much time as the Head of House and Deputy wants in the lounge – but of course with ‘Biggie’, there is always a twist! The guests are not allowed to spend a night in the lounge and cannot be swapped during the week after they are chosen. With that in mind, Kiddwaya and Tolanibaj preceded to nominate Erica and Prince as their guests.

The usual Monday night Head of House games have now become keenly contested by the housemates; each one of them familiar with the game and hoping for luck to be on their side. 

Big Brother introduced some new obstacles this week which included having to restart the game, totally end it, or complete an odd, time wasting task like popping a balloon with a plastic fork if their totem landed on some squares. The housemates were given one minute and fifteen seconds to complete the task or end on the highest score they possibly could. Of course, Erica was not allowed to participate in the games as the incumbent Head of House.

At the end of the game, Kiddwaya won with the farthest score with Prince coming in a close second. Big Brother jokingly announced Kiddwaya’s new status by saying that ‘Robin had become Batman’, referring to Kiddwaya being Head of House after being Erica’s deputy Head of House.

Then, the unimaginable happened! Big Brother revealed to Kiddwaya in the Diary Room his plan on going on vacation for the next few days. Biggie explained that his voice would be absent from the house for the duration of this vacation. He also added that Kiddwaya would be expected to keep the house organised and keep the secret of Biggie’s vacation.

Biggie going on vacation is the biggest twist and secret thus far in the competition, that has left fans wondering if Kiddwaya will be able to keep it!