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Ignite that Yuletide spirit

By Maria Diamond
06 November 2021   |   4:05 am
Nothing lightens up the world as the Christmas decoration. There is no better time to put up your trees and accessories than this November!

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Nothing lightens up the world as the Christmas decoration. There is no better time to put up your trees and accessories than this November!
As a matter of fact, the world can use the Christmas spirit, especially at this time of stress and anxiety over the COVID-19 pandemic, and global economic downturn, to detox.
Yes the Christmas decoration is associated with happiness as it evokes a strong spirit of love, peace and celebration under any circumstances, in good or bad times.
Actually, as one looks at the tree, lightening, accessories and decors, and your heart is filled with joy and happiness.
So, whether it is at home, office, workplace, hospitality space, or hospital, Christmas trees and decorations will create a positive feeling and energy in everyone within the space.

Why You Should Put Up Your Christmas Décor Now
• Putting up Christmas decorations early can improve your mood.
• Decorating your space and environs brightens up other people’s life and spirit.
• Christmas decoration is endearing.
What does your Christmas tree represent?
The evergreen nature of the Christmas tree is symbolic to eternal life, as opposed to other trees that wither away over time. It also signifies the need to turn to God, leave your worries at His feet and just be happy, celebrate and feel the peace of the season.
Basic Items For Christmas Decoration
Star; Stocking; Candy Cane; Poinsettia; Wreath; Evergreen Tree; Angels; Dove; Christmas lights; Snowflake; Lights and
So, if you need to buy a new Christmas tree and décor accessories, you should do that now and brighten up your atmosphere with the joy that this brings. However, if the ones you used last year are still in perfect condition, save your pocket the expenditure by just bringing them out from the storeroom and getting them cleaned.
How to clean used Christmas Tree and ornaments
• Fill a bucket with mild dish soap and warm water – avoiding any harsh chemical that can damage your tree.
• Unplug your tree, if it has built-in lights.
• Use a soft dish or dust rag to clean the tree so the cloth won’t get tangled in the branches.
• Wipe the branches and the trunk.
• Wipe down glass, wood or plastic ornaments with a soft, lint-free cotton cloth and use glass cleaner to remove any spots or stains.
• Use cotton swabs to clean small crevices.

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