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Important Changes You MUST Make If You Want To Find Love


Love1. Learn To Love Yourself

The idea of loving yourself is not some kind of airy-fairy, new age concept. After working with thousands of singles and couples, we know that lack of self-love is behind almost every relationship struggle.

Not fully embracing all the parts that make you who you are, even the “ugly” ones, keep generating situations that would confirm your “unlovability.”

For instance, if you are single and deep down, you don’t believe you are worthy of genuine love, because you think you are too fat, too old, too damaging or too demanding, you would attract partners, who either cannot or would not love you, likely because they feel unlovable themselves.

Once you are in a relationship, lack of self-love can show up as neediness. Nothing your partner says or does will make you believe that they love you. Or your insecurity may manifest as criticism or withdrawal.

How do you know if you suffer from a lack of self-love? Take a look at the patterns in your life, especially your romantic relationships. If there is inevitably pain and struggle, lack of self-love is most likely at play.

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