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In Akin Ogunbiyi: Footprints of a peerless entrepreneur, Authur speaks on first impression

By Eniola Daniel
15 April 2023   |   5:36 am
Chairman, Mutual Benefits Assurance Plc., Dr. Akin Ogunbiyi has advised youths on the importance of first impressions.

Company Secretary, Mutual Benefits Assurance Plc., Jide Ibitayo (left); Chairman, Mutual Benefits Assurance Plc., Akin Ogunbiyi; Mrs. Dotun Ogunbiyi and Group Finance Director, Mutual Benefits Group, Hakeem Oguntola, during the unveiling of Akin Ogunbiyi: Footprints of a Peerless Entrepreneur..

Chairman, Mutual Benefits Assurance Plc., Dr. Akin Ogunbiyi has advised youths on the importance of first impressions.

Speaking during the unveiling of his book, Akin Ogunbiyi: Footprints Of A Peerless Entrepreneur, an intellectual voyage into his early life, early beginnings and attainments, at the Mutual Benefit Headquarters, Aret Adams House, Ilupeju, Lagos, he said: “This book, has in no small way, captured some of my thoughts, voyages and intellectual feats. It is certainly a prelude to my autobiography, which would come out in the fullness of time.

“The strength of this well-researched book lies, in taking these into account and in crystallising otherwise complicated narratives, into readable form without missing out on the essentials.

While reading the book to industry experts at the event, he said: “It was an exciting time. I never knew we have something like this, but having to read a portion of the book was interesting; having my wife read the aspect I wrote about her, I am sure that will make me get good treats from her. Altogether, it was very interesting. I feel satisfied. This book will inspire young boys and girls.

On the impact the book would make in the lives of young people, he said: “You can have models or mentors without meeting them. But, how do we get our young ones to start the habit of reading books. I publish in The Tribune every Monday on entrepreneurship and leadership. I still read, but the young ones want to cut corners. If a child is born, he has to go through the natural developmental stages, without that, he can only meet failure. So, I believe this book will go a long way to inspire young ones.

On its benefits, he said: “Like the title of the book says, The Peerless Entrepreneur. It’s not my biography. I will still publish my biography soon. This deals with how young entrepreneurs should see life, perceive life and see their vision and pursue it to a logical conclusion.

“When I wanted to start Mutual Benefits, my father didn’t have all the tonnes of money, or my mother. But Chief Aret Adams volunteered to be my guarantor when I needed N5m in 1995. What I will tell young people is, ‘please, make a good first impression at any point in time. You never can tell who God has positioned on your way to help you. So, make a good first impression. The result of the N5m is what we see today. ”

On the attributes of a good and successful entrepreneur, he said: “When somebody starts something, he must persevere.

Many people eat up their future successes; which will bring down the enterprise. When you start something and then it becomes an eventual success within a period of three, or five years, and you think you have arrived, that is the greatest mistake people make. A successful entrepreneur must remain humble, and maintain a moderate lifestyle. Don’t think you have arrived because of cash flow. You must make good sacrifices in entrepreneurship.

Speaking on the state of insurance in the country, he said: “I won’t agree with anyone that thinks the insurance sector is in a sorry state. We are still developing. We are in a developing country, and the fact that we are operating within a developing country is actually a factor that is affecting insurance. In developed countries, insurance is compulsory and part of their lives. They insure everything, but it is different in Nigeria, because there is no policy of the government that makes insurance compulsory.