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In Kayan Mata, Tobi Kukoyi bares it all


Tobi Kukoyi

KayanMata, the trending local aphrodisiac, which originated up North, has continued to record commercial success down South of the country. Its emergence under the public spotlight, powered dominantly by the barrage of testimonials of women attesting to the efficacy of this natural aphrodisiac on social media and other online fora, no doubt sky rocketed sales for Kayanmata merchants.

Despite this feat, the sale of Kayanmata has come under the cross fire of controversy in the court of public opinion, with the allusion of the supernatural (juju) as the catalyst responsible for its high success rate and the bestowing of jaw dropping materialistic gains on users particularly young ladies.

Tobi Kukoyi, in her debut book Kayanmata: The Juju Saga, Potentials and Sexual Wellness, takes on the juju perception headlong and powerfully negates same. Readers are first taken through the foundational blocks that set the tone for the controversial topic via understanding the importance of sex, why it sells, factors that can affect sexual performance, and causes of sexual dysfunction In female. These give robust pictures of issues that have led to the patronage of Kayan Mata.


Sequel to this, Kayanmata is explained in its fullness touching on the origin, ingredients, products, mode of application, all the way to the break down of vaginal issues women are daily combating.

Another section takes on the juju controversy alongside addressing scientific and medical concerns where the author professionally tackles the issue. Not only is the juju theory discussed in the book, the economic potentials of Kayanmata for the nation, coupled with sexual wellness, is unveiled. Readers are taken on a voyage of discovery from one section to the other, as the author bluntly and boldly lays the cards on the table albeit in a refreshing manner void of boredom.

According to Tobi Kukoyi, “Kayan Mata is indeed a powerful aphrodisiac that is proudly Nigerian. It has proven repeatedly to successfully take sexual pleasure to the next level that couples relish. Women who have one sexual issue or the other find it challenging to enjoy sex and most don’t even know how to solve these issues. Kayanmata has provided answers to these challenges, as it is sourced directly from Nature; herbs, fruits, spices, roots, with its powerful intrinsic properties. I wrote the book to enlighten people about Kayanmata and to correct the erroneous belief that it is powered by juju. Let me reiterate that Kayan Mata is not juju and the latter isn’t used in the preparation of Kayanmata.”

She further added: “I also took the opportunity of addressing other concerns expressed by those in the scientific and medical spheres with regards to the safe usage status of Kayanmata.

The book is written in simple English, immersed in facts and is easy to understand, which makes reading a sheer delight. I’m elated that this is the first book written about Kayanmata In Nigeria, by a Nigerian, for Nigerians and of course the international communities, which covers various angles of this precious aphrodisiac.”


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