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Indoor plant shelfies

By Sereba Agiobu-Kemmer
26 September 2020   |   4:07 am
Has your indoor plant obsession grown out of control? We don’t blame you. Not only are houseplants fantastic air purifiers, studies have shown they boost concentration and productivity.

Has your indoor plant obsession grown out of control? We don’t blame you. Not only are houseplants fantastic air purifiers, studies have shown they boost concentration and productivity. On top of that, they look nice. They’re basically the best roommates ever.

When it comes to house plants, more is more. And as your collection grows, so too does the opportunity to make a stylish display. Enter the plant shelfie. I’ve culled the wildly popular Instagram hashtag Shelfie plant design style, that will take your plant collection to new heights.

So what is a plant shelfie you would ask? Well gorgeous indoor plants in a shelf, yes of course. A ‘plant shelfie’ is very relevant to our times too as more and more people around the world make their homes in cities, urban centers where space is a definite constraint. As they say that it is when you have the maximum constraints you actually come up with the most creative solutions. So space has never been a drawback to the errant plant lover and hence the ‘plant shelfie’ was born. All your favourite plants arranged in a shelf. let’s look at some very unique but really simple ways you can display your plants in a restricted space.

Floating Shelfie: If you want a fairly fuss free  but stylish way of displaying your plants without eating into your space, put up two easy DIY floating shelves….get a few succulents and planters. voila your little stylish garden is ready.

Twin Shelfie:When you have more space how about putting up twin shelves instead of one. The shelves can be storage space for books and paraphernalia which you might want to show off. It also makes the plant display interesting.

Ladder Shelfie: A ladder shelf is literally the easiest and the klbest way to create a plant shelfie. Put all your favorite plants together and change your look whenever you feel like a change. To make it more interesting add all the knick knacks that you want.

Bathroom Shelfie: It would be really awesome to have a green wall to look at while having a soak in the bath not to mention the practical aspect of being able to water the plants easily without too much of a mess. Would you welcome plants in the bath ?

Livingroom Shelfies: Plants on a shelf in the living room ? Why not, some low maintenance plants like the English Ivy, the Boston Fern, the Philodendron not only add a touch of green glamour to your space, they purify the air as well. Go ahead get some for your space too.

If you are a first time gardener but still want to try your hand at something green, the money plant can do wonders for your space with very low maintenance and really looks good.

For Colour and Drama; Another idea which shows that even though you might have a single potted plant, It’s enough to add some drama into an otherwise sterile space. Trailing plants do very well as highlighters.

For Large Glass Window: Have a large glass window? Put a small shelf in front of it and line them up with gorgeous air plants. You’ll have a stunning and living feature wall.

Recyced Items: Have an old shoe rack somewhere ? Reuse and recycle A coat of paint to spruce up the shelf and then have all the fun styling it. Add books, trinkets you have collected, art…put in some unused bottles, and put some cuttings (money plant, English ivy ) do really well.

So the few things to really keep in mind are:
Reuse and recycle, any old shelf, ladder, fruit and vegetable crates, work with what you have.
There are a few plants, which can be looked after very easily and do really great indoors, use them to start with. My top 5 picks are:
– Jade plant
– Spider plant
– Aloe
– English ivy
– Snake plant.
If you are a beginner start with one or two planters and take it from there.
Try to use diferent kinds of planters (terracotta/concrete/ceramic) and vary the sizes to create interest and drama.

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