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Jay-Clef steps out bold with I worship you

By Bridget Chiedu Onochie, Abuja
21 November 2020   |   4:01 am
It was dream come true for Adewale Abiodun Joseph, whose stage name is Jay-Clef, as he finally launched his way into Nigeria’s music industry with the recently released song, I Worship You.

It was dream come true for Adewale Abiodun Joseph, whose stage name is Jay-Clef, as he finally launched his way into Nigeria’s music industry with the recently released song, I Worship You. The gospel artiste, however, said there are other tracks in the upcoming debut album, which he has titled, I Am Your God.

The song is already enjoying massive airplay on radio stations across the country while the video is available on all digital platforms.

Jay-Clef’s single melodious track comes with modern music instrument, producing lyrics that captivate both young and old. “My music is for everyone, including infants. That is the aim of the music, for everyone (every nation) to lift up his or her hands and worship God when the songs are heard,” he said recently at the unveiling of the music in Abuja.

According to the artiste, who is signed to Bachmozartium Music, he chose gospel music because of his renewed faith in God and the need to touch lives.

While his contemporaries find solace in secular music, Jay-Clef said his motivation is the “Holy Ghost”, who directs and instructs him. “So, I cannot find myself doing what he has not instructed to do.”

According to him, being a successful music artist is relative and it is not limited to secular music arts. “It depends on what one considers successful. Once you are born again, you are a star. I see myself as a super star already and in my music, I declared that God has made me a champion and a superstar.”

He added that the album, I Am Your God, is motivated by the conviction that God is close to him. “You need to get to that point where you are convinced that there is God irrespective of what happens around you.”

Having chosen the part of gospel music, the artist said there is no going back for him. “I’m not going to stop along the line. My expectation is to take gospel music to the next level; attend concerts in Nigeria and all over the world, preaching Jesus as the inherent message of my music.

“Like I said in the song, when I think of where God has brought me from, I will not think of quitting gospel music.
“I came from a family where I received strokes of cane each time I went to practice music. But the more I was beaten, the stronger I became in what I was doing. I had a personal conviction of what I was doing and as such, one cannot just tell me to sing songs that do not edify God.”

Jay-Clef said he was 10 years old when he encountered God as a chorister in the church. “I was given a microphone to sing. I didn’t know I could do it but after my experience that moment, I felt the need to harness the potentials in me.”

Jay-Clef, a mass communication graduate, said he has no plan to practice journalism, having made up his mind since 2015 when he ventured into music, professionally, to build a career in it.

Unlike most artists, Jay-Clef said he considered himself fortunate to have found support among his church members who formed a pillar of support around him.

“I wouldn’t say I am lucky but I am a product of grace. Also, my church, Christ Embassy, has been very supportive. So, I haven’t had any major challenge, financially or otherwise”, he stated.

The artist’s manager and Director, Bachmozartium Music, Mrs. Chioma Oyebisi, disclosed that his commitment and knowledge of music was the main reasoning him up to the label.

“Jay-Clef is a unique talent who has the ability to interpret any song. He is very passionate, spiritual and dedicated to making quality music. That is the reason we have taken him under our wings to help him achieve his dreams. We strongly believe in him. Jay-Clef is definitely one to watch out for now and in the future,” she said.

Jay-Clef is a composer, having written all his music. He sees a bright future and urged his contemporaries to learn to trust God in all their endeavours.